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Nick Hogan Is Going to JAIL

Nick was sentenced to eight months in jail for critically injuring his pal John Graziano.

He also got five years’ probation, 500 hours community service, and lost his drivers license for three years.

TMZ liveblogged the sentencing. Jesus.

Nick was taken away to jail immediately.

And apparently Brooke was dressed like a total hooker at the sentencing, but I haven’t been able to find a pic just yet.

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  • Stupid spoiled brat got off pretty easy if you ask me. His buddy is screwed for life. 8mo. in jail, community service and license suspension is nothing compared to PERMANENT BRAIN INJURIES.

  • They where best friends, so he knew very well how nick was driving.
    I ‘m really not the biggest Hogan Fan but If someone gets in the car with a drunk he is as guilty as the driver!!!!
    But the US is not without reason the land with 1% of its population in prison.

  • Finally, a judge with some balls who isn’t intimidated by celebrities or their children.

  • brooke was dressed like a hooker-I watched it on TMZ. geeezz-

    I also believe he got off WAY too easy and pretty much sounded like a punk when he spoke at the sentencing. feelin sorry for the hulk though-he doesn’t deserve this. what must it be like to know that your kids are PUNKS because you worked so hard to give them ‘the good life”?

  • He looks like he’s in the beginning stages of hairloss. Isn’t he like under 21?

  • Keep your head up, Nick. No, I don’t mean spiritually. We’re talking about jail. And you’re the new, young fresh meat. So, keep your head up and remember the suplex that daddy taught you.

  • Nick, I am wishing you the best, you and your family. When you are young you tend to make stupid mistakes. You and your family have my deepest blessing. Your act wasn’t an intentional act. Your best friend also had the responsibility of fastening his seat belt which was a neglience of him. Valerie in Houston, Texas

  • he deserves it, and i hope the family of that boy who is a veggy now, gets some $$$ outta of him, i like the hulk, but hulk you need to give your son a serious asswoopin’ and your spoild soon to be ex wife needs one too

  • that asshole should have got 8 years instead of 8 months …damn what a spoil jerk while the other got a pernament brain injury…the hogan family ..whata dummy !!!

  • all you lot need to cut this kid a break. he may be spoilt but thats only because he has money. and if you dont have any money. well……… thats your problem but because he has it he can afford the kind of things that you cant.

  • a nick i hpe you get read this letter my name is trey and am 12 years old i no that you probly dindit maen what u did so i would like to support you and your family o im you famils biggest fan.

  • 8 months is hardly enough time to serve when the victim of his driving drunk will never be the same again. What guarantee do we have that he won’t mess up AGAIN ?? !! ?