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Is Jennie Garth Going Back to 90210???

Jennie Garth and Her Daughters, Pictures, Photos

Jennie had been cast in a CBS pilot called My Best Friend’s Girl, but she quit the show abruptly on Monday after the table read, fueling speculation that she wants to do the CW’s 90210 remake instead.

Jennie will be replaced in the pilot by Canadian actress Kristin Booth.

It’s been rumored that the 90210 pilot’s writer, Rob Thomas, has been trying to woo Jennie into coming onto his show. He wants to cast her as a fashion design teacher at her old high school. This sudden decision by Jennie seems to indicate that she wants the job. However, it should be noted that her real-life father recently passed away, so maybe Jennie’s just decided she wants to spend more time with her family (she’s pictured above with her daughters). I guess we’ll know soon enough.

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  • ok im about to reveal my 90210 geekiness.

    jennie cannot possibly come back to this show unless it’s as KELLY TAYLOR. she cant be some other character. fans will not tolerate anything less! why cant they just bring her back and center the show around where she is in her life now?

    she cant be some stupid design teacher. they are dooming their spinoff by even thinking about it. kelly wasnt even into design. donna was.

    i know theyre going to fuck this up.

  • What a happy Mom. Love so very much. Lots of my friends on B l a c k c e n t u r y . c o m love her too. The kids are cutest.