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Brace Yourself: Jodie Sweetin Had a Baby

Jodie Sweetin Pregnant Baby Bump, Pictures, Photos

Um … congrats? To recovering meth-head Jodie Sweetin, who gave birth to a little girl named Zoie on Saturday. The father is Cody Herpin, her husband of less than a year.

Specifically, they got married on July 14, 2007. So, um, you do the math.


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  • Yeah so I did the math… I know you are “the evil beet” and all but she wasn’t knocked up when she got married. OR if she was she wasn’t far enough along to know. You are so funny but kinda ass too.

  • Well the baby was due the fourth right?
    So that would mean fourth of july was the predicted conception date
    I think the baby was a surprise baby but not the reason for the wedding.

  • Yes, she may have been pregnant during the wedding and totally not known it, or she may have gotten pregnant soonsoonsoon afterwards. I don’t think the reason for the wedding was that she was pregnant.

  • first off in the this world where halle, jamie lynn, selma hayek, and like alot of chicks i know and dudes that have kids and are not married, this little story doesnt mean jack shit….except the meth part, and i hope this dumb bitch doesn’t get into porn next

  • Dear Jodie Sweetin,

    I am a 15 years old. I live in Boone, N.C. I loved you as Stephanie Tanner on Full House. You were always doing something funny, about to get into trouble or bothering D.J. You were especially great in seasons 6 through 8. Those are my favorite seasons. You sure went from really cute when you were younger to being a beautiful woman. Anyway, congrads on your new baby. I hope everything is going well. Good job on being a recovering addict!

  • Okay, I’ve been watching Full House seasons (starting from one to eight) and I cannot believe this woman has grown from that cute little girl who used to say “How rude!” and “I don’t think so!” …

    What’s wrong with her? Meth, 20-year-old wedding and now a driver? The rest of the cast seems to be doing well enough. :S

  • Zoie was concieved on Jodie and Cody’s honeymoon and a friend of
    mine from high school was Jodie’s labor and delivery nurse in the C-
    section room. Out in California

  • i am happy for her, although it usaully takes 2 mounths to find out ur pregnant i dont think that was the reason for the wedding at all

  • this fatass only got married becuz she got fucked up so youll propobly see them break up in a couple mounths

  • i am 23 yrs old and i just got married 2 mounths ago later that week on my honeymoon i found out i was pregnant so no i didnt get married because i was pregnant i had no fuckin idea, so wat im tryin to say is they probobly got married because they were in love and even if they got married because she was pregnant there doin it for the baby

  • She got pregnant in probably early July. She was married on July 14. Ok, what’s the big deal. At least she got married which is more than I can say for sluts like Angelina and the rest of the Hollywood whores.

  • Enough already with the ‘meth head’ label!! Fuck!!! So she fucking got addicted to meth…she fucking overcame it and went to rehab!! Im a pill popper so now what?? Everyone has something that they are ashamed of in their past at some point…. shes good now so leave it that way!!

  • I didnt find out i was pregnant until i was almost 4 months during that me and my husband was talking about marriage and didnt know we was pregnant so she might not have know either! I think you life is so fucked up that you have to dis on someone else!!! And at least she doesnt do meth anymore, anyone can turn their life around if they want to. I use to do some pretty bad stuff myself then i met the love of my life and i got off of all that crap so things can change!!

  • I really dont know what them other people say cause i am only 11 years old so CONGATS!!!!!!!!

  • ummm if the baby was born in April then she was conceived in July 2007. So what??? stop hatin on people you don’t know. so what she was a meth-addict. she’s trying to clean up her life now. what gives you the right to harp on someone else’s life. like ur so perfect? like ur a saint? i mean look at Adrienne Curry. She was a meth-addict too. and now she’s turned her life around. maybe the baby was conceived on the honeymoon night. either way a lot of people get pregnant and then have a baby. some people don’t even get married. so shut the fuck up. she’s trying. life is hard. you gotta work at it. people make mistakes. so get the fuck over it. worry about how to make ur own life better instead.