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Barron Hilton Pleads No Contest to DUI


So little Barron Hilton’s not doing jail time for his first DUI (hopefully of many!), but he’ll have three years probation, which gives him three full years to potentially violate probation and end up in the slammer, Paris-style.

He also loses his license for a year and will have to attend three months of alcohol education classes.

You know, one of my friends in Arizona is currently in the midst of taking those alcohol education classes for her DUI. It was her second DUI, and she did two weeks in Sheriff Joe’s Tent City and then promptly quit drinking completely and began attending AA meetings, which are completely different from those “alcohol education” classes. And she lost her drivers license, so I was driving her to one of her alcohol education classes the other day, and she was like, “You know what these alcohol classes do for me? They make me want to drink. I like the AA meetings, they make me feel better, but then it all gets undone when I have to go to the alcohol education classes for eight fucking hours. It just reminds me of why I drink in the first place.” I thought that was hilarious.

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