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Taryn Manning Is Alive

Taryn Manning at Premiere of Jack and Jill Vs. The World, Pictures, Photos

Taryn Manning and Vanessa Parise at Premiere of Jack and Jill Vs. The World, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Taryn at the premiere of Jack and Jill Vs. The World. She kind of looks like hell. I dunno, maybe it was just a few bad pictures. I generally like her quite a bit.

In the second photo, she’s posing with Vanessa Parise, the film’s director. I met Vanessa a couple years ago. At the time, was working actively with independent film directors (they still may be, I dunno, I’m too busy searching the Internet for celebrity porn to be involved with any other aspect of that site — much to their chagrin), and we had several dinners with Vanessa. She was perfectly nice to me, and was really an all-around great chick, but I totally hated her. Why? At the time, she was dating actor Robin Dunne, who came with her to every meeting with us, and was ridiculously hot and sweet and charming and funny and amazing and I was totally in love with him. Huuuuuuge crush. I hadn’t thought about him in a really long time.

Heh. I just went back to and found the article I wrote about the meeting at the time. Here’s a snippet:

Vanessa’s here with her boyfriend (and her film’s star) Robin Dunne, who briefly played Katie Holmes’ boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek and is currently filming a sci-fi flick called Sanctuary in Vancouver. I grill him on Katie. He has nothing but kind things to say about her — a good kisser, he says, but only when I press the issue. His girlfriend’s sitting next to him when I ask, but I don’t think she’s listening. Robin is gorgeous and charming and kind and funny — and Vanessa is all those things, too — and I can’t help but be a little tiny bit envious of her. Oh, well.

Robin produced this film and starred in it, and I didn’t see any photos of him on the red carpet, so of course, being a stupid girl, I’m like “Oh, yay, maybe they broke up and I can finally have a shot at him!” I even checked my cell phone to see if I still had his number. (I did.) And then I’m like, “Okay, Beet, don’t be stupid. You should first check WireImage to see if there are any recent photos of them together.” Seriously, that thought alone is tragically pathetic. But even worse, there’s a photo of them together and smiling and happy from this February. So I doubt they’re broken up. Also: I am such a stupid girl.


Taryn’s also the lead singer in a band called Boomkat. They released a single in 2003 called “The Wreckoning,” and, to this day, it’s one of my favorite songs. I’ve included the video below.

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  • I wondered why I recognized her.
    I heart that song.

    But yes. She looks like crap. Poor darlin’.

  • Dontcha hate it when stars come to the carpet looking thing they just got out of three orgies and a trainwreck?

  • Aww, I love him, too! He’s such a cutie. I loved him on Dead Like Me too, until he took George’s virginity and then left her…but I guess it’s kind of hard to have a long-term relationship with a dead person! Anyway, cute guy, we need to see more of him in stuff!

  • OMG Taryn Manning is so fucking UGLY. Serisously. I. Can. Not. Stand. Her. She is like the poster child for white trash. How this girl ever broke into Hollywood is a mystery. But then again if it werent for her who would get the role of the white trash girl? (besides Kirsten Dunst) And her acting is horrible. She sucks. She is ugly. She needs some work done on her face. She should go away and stay there.

    Okay thats it. Im done.

  • Those are likely the worst possible pictures of poor Taryn. I think it looks like she just escaped from grandma’s 60’s suitcase.

    Inverse the white and blue in that dress and see what I mean. It’s like something from Cher’s garage sale… 20 years ago.

    Oh, she does have a REALLY damned high forehead. Tawny Kitaen style. She should wear bangs.

    Someone should burn that dress. Its like she’s wearing an air conditioner filter or something. It isn’t even 60’s cool. :(

    Her hair is also something between an oily rag and road kill. :(

    To be fair, google her and check out some pics.

    The song topped billboard’s club play singles in 2003. I think it’s catchy but formula.

    Her singing voice is fair. She’s got some hip-hop-sugah-pop goin. Not much range though. Pop in a kick ass shrill arpeggio or two and I’d be home.

    The video does not help. It suxxor.

    Lets hope her new album does better.