Today's Evil Beet Gossip

More Adam Duritz. Deal with It.


Here’s Adam and the Counting Crows performing at The Grove in LA yesterday.

Oh, Adam, I love you so.

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  • I wish you had a crush on Jeremy Sisto instead. >_> That way I would peruse the site while wet and this is what God wants.

  • @Beet:His hair looks like a Fucking wig… or one of those novelty jamaican caps you get when your vacationing the isles…

  • oh Adam
    wash the nest
    how can you want a man with such dirty hair?
    imagine you would grab him
    would you ever run your fingers thru his hair?

  • Yes, Beet, just where do you actually see the appeal with this guy? Is it really the hair or his great suntan. The only thing I can find to admire about him is that he was once schtooping Courtney Cock.