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Super Sweet 16 Dad May Be Going to Super Sweet Prison


This is fabulous.

Gary Milby, the father of one of the girls featured on My Super Sweet 16, turns out to be a “fake” oil tycoon who swindled senior citizens out of tens of millions of dollars.

“I love oil,” his daughter Ariel proclaimed during the episode. “Oil means shoes and cars and purses.”

In a lawsuit filed in September by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the government agency responsible for enforcing federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry and stock market), Milby is alleged to have diverted at least $12 million in investors’ funds into offshore accounts and family trusts. The cash was also used, the SEC said, to fund the Milbys’ extravagant lifestyle and child-support payments.

According to the SEC’s complaint, Milby and his company, Mid-America Energy, Inc., carried out a fraudulent oil-and-gas investment scheme that tricked nearly 400 people out of more than $19 million. For his alleged violations, the SEC has sought a permanent injunction against the fake oil tycoon, disgorgement with prejudgment interest, a civil money penalty and an account of Milby’s finances.

Milby — who faces a single criminal charge for felony fraud in Louisiana — has denied the SEC’s charges and maintains his innocence.

The irony is, if he hadn’t done the MTV show displaying his extravagant lifestyle, investigators may have gone easier on him.

“That MTV show really put Milby on the road map,” Frank Panepinto, a fraud investigator with the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions, told the New York Times. “That really got people aggravated with him.”

Heh. I love it when super-rich asswipes get what’s coming to them.

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  • oh that must suck haha
    atleast his stuck up daughter will know
    now that she isint better then anyone else like
    she did on the show if im thinking of the right person

  • Mommy’s going to have to start sucking d*ck for dough dough, which is pretty cool cause you know.. I hate that show and getting blown by her Mom will make me feel better about not being a spoiled rich brat.

    sticks and stones love

  • how wonderful! All those kids are fucking animals! What is really sad is that the tweens and teens who watch that show think that all birthdays should be like that, when in reality not very many people can even afford to celebrate a birthday… especially in these times. I hope that show never comes back and that man is taught a fucking lesson.

  • I always think that the kids on that show needs a one way ticket to reallity in present. Well guess that’s what she’s getting now. haha.
    Funny thing about that show is all the kids who are like ‘AHHHHH BEST PARTY EVER’
    haha, jeez they’re like 15-18 years old, how many parties have they been to?

  • i remember that girl, isnt she the one that got the custom six door hummer? that is hilarious.

  • @ Lollylicious

    She wasnt the one who got the 6 Door hummer. The girl who got that Hummer was from Atlanta and had the Christams themed party. This girl was just plain annoying and UGLY. She has a pig nose.