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I Gotta Hand It to Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Womenswear Launch at Hold Renfrew in Toronto, Pictures, PHotos

She sure is busting her butt trying to promote this little clothing line of hers.

Here she is in Canada, where her line will be sold at Holt Renfrew.

These don’t look all that special to me.

Lauren Conrad Womenswear Launch at Hold Renfrew in Toronto, Pictures, PHotos Lauren Conrad Womenswear Launch at Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Pictures, PHotos

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  • Hey, people who have been writing comments under my name, STOP IT! (I wrote the original “pregnant man” comment)

    I gotta a rep to protect, so get your own name :p

    ps. team lauren all the way. heidi is f** up


    here, i’ll even help you choose a better name, that’s how nice I am: okay, “ashley” is pretty, “johnny” is cute, perhaps “lamberguini” is exotic, or something like “wet bikini” to be creative.

    but seriously, I’M mercedes. stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    ps. beet is super slow today

  • person who posted last, here, have this little stick. nice little stick isn’t it, buddy? Ok, now I will take this little stick AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR A**!!!! SHAME ON Uuuuuuuuuu

    and iiirene, thank you. god bless your sweet little soul (ironically, “irene” is actually my real name)

  • For some reason “mercedes” was automatically in my comment box. Some evil conspiracy against you, I think.

  • Junket1031 was automatically in my “Name” box. Evil conspiracies against all beeters.

    Is Holt Renfrew like a Target, because I swear I saw these dresses there.

  • I would like to apologise for the stick comment. I’ve been having a really bad day, you know with all these people stealing my identity and stuff.

  • The real mercedes did not say the above.

    I would never apologize. Because I am not a little pussy! I’m a girl with balls and that’s why I get pissed off when people steal my name.

    did beet die or something? hey you guys, I think Brangelina got married on Sat. Any comments on that?

  • Last person who posted as mercedes, you’re not even the real mercede, I am. You’re a Honda at best.

  • The outfit she has on in that pic is adorable, the rest of her line that Ive seen is not all that impressive. Most of the girls who will buy her line will be the girls who wanna be just like Little Lauren anyhoo, no big surprise she named some of the styles after her friends, Lo, Audrina… OH PLEASE!

  • mercedes thats my real name too but i just think it looks cute with three i’s but i spell it irene too lol

  • Holt Renfrew is not like Target lol. Its a high end store like Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, etc. Its mostly designer clothes, bags, shoes, etc. I’m guessing her line is pretty expensive and high end, but her clothes look pretty plain and blah in the picture. I guess your paying for the name!