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You’re So Pretty, Chloe


Chloe Sevigny takes a break from being the Gold Standard of Fashion to attend some manner of sporting event and, ya know, eat popcorn.

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  • seriously? Why is this girl considered a fashion icon? Most of her clothes look like they came from the Goodwill…….AND she is UGLY!! The only movie I saw her in is “Boys Dont Cry” and she pretty much grossed me out. She has a natural talent for playing White Trash girls(Surprise Surprise). Anyway…her style is lame and she needs a nose job stat, and she could use somemore make-up, homegirls face looks beat.

  • Oh I love her. I love her on Big Love, and I think she is an amazing actress. Yea her fashion, is a lil… gag…. but doesnt she get points for showing boobies in most of her movies?????

  • What the hell is wrong with her lower lip? It’s like the muscles are gone. It’s just sagging there.

  • OMG! She looks like a deranged hippie. What’s with her mouth? I bet she could stick her whole fist in their. Or better yet, I bet we could find the Lost Arch, or lost treasures of Atlantis In that mouth of hers, I mean look at it, it;s freaking huge!

  • U must be a gay person because ppl pnt eat like that any mor BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111