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Adam Duritz Is a Tortured Soul, and It’s Totally Turning Me On


In a recent interview with People magazine, the Counting Crows singer opened up about his recent battle with mental illness.

“I’ve been dealing with mental illness,” he says. “But I didn’t want to say anything for a long time. I went crazy. It was scary.”

Dude. I hear you. Crazy is scary. Just ask Britney Spears.

“Being crazy is bad,” he continues. “It’s scary when the world isn’t real to you. You come untethered. Everything seems imaginary. You look around the room and nothing seems real. You don’t feel pain. I stopped letting myself feel … The album [Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings] is about a downward spiral, losing my mind and about trying to get it back. Not about getting it back but trying to get it back.”

“The Saturday Nights record is about madness and spiraling out of control and disillusionment,” explains Duritz. “The Sunday Mornings record is mostly about failing at the things you’re trying to do when you are getting better. It’s not redemption, necessarily. It’s more like the hangover.”

Jesus, Adam, I get it. I get it so, so, so much, and I love you.

And now, the bad news:

“My friends are trying to find a wife for me,” he says. “I’m dating a girl right now and a bunch of people are coming up to me and saying, ‘We love her. We love her.’ ” As for his take on her: “She’s wonderful. I’m lucky to know her.”

Whoever this chick is, Adam, she’s bad news. I’m good news. Our crazy can intermingle and breed. It’ll be awesome. Call me.

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  • good news Beet
    he’s dating a girl
    he’s not dating a WOMAN
    (most of all he’s not dating a man)
    bad news Beet
    if you keep on feeding this crush of yours
    the one who will turn crazy won’t be him

  • I dont care if he eats puntang really good, he is fat, and old now, and blech blech blech blech!!!!!

  • How ironic… I say the same thing in the other post, and now it’s a headline. Are we on the same wave length, Beet?

  • I also have to add that the song “Colorblind” is friggin amazing. Not because it was in that movie with that smashed-in troll face and amazingly hot fucking guy, but because the lyrics are deep and real and piercing. I usually only listen to it when I pissed off at the world or feeling crappy though…. I totally get it though.

  • I totallly feel you on that crush. There is something about him….Maybe its just because hes just the right mix of asshole, angst muffin…with a little bit of mystery sprinkled on top.But yeah I have recently discovered I too have a big thing for him…

  • i love Adam!!!He is sexy and I don’t care who doesn’t think so….their tastes in guys must SUCK!!!!

  • This is REALLY freakin’ scary. Like. Psycho scary. You’re a friggin’ whack job. Seriously. I’ve heard of obsessive fans before but you’re gonna wind up like that dude that stalked Uma Thurman if you don’t mellow out.

  • dude banged aniston and courteney. no wonder he is messed up. he is not only the hairclub president, he is also a client. sideshow bob is right…look at that zip up turtle neck. he is a washed up clown who belongs in the loony bin.