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“Playing yourself on reality television isn’t to our reader the level of accomplishment that you need to have on the cover of Cosmo.”

Kate White, editor of Cosmo, when asked whether they’d consider having Lauren Conrad on the cover.


The Wall Street Journal — yeah, that Wall Street Journal — has an interesting article about Lauren and her “branding strategy” today. Read it here.

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  • Whatever Kate White!!! Your just jealous because Lauren is all of 22 and is already a MILLIONAIRE. Your still working a job that you probably dont even really like. Lauren gets paid TO BE HERSELF, So what? Who cares how she made it, the fact is that SHE FUCKING MADE IT. And she made it on her own. So sit the fuck down you middle aged whore!!!! GO LAUREN.

  • yeah whatever kate white. of course she wouldnt want lauren on the cover. HELLO, she worked for the competition.

    her comment was catty, lauren has accomplished plenty for a 21 yr old

  • This bitch hasn’t done anything to be considered worthy. Pop culture is so fucking unrealistic. Mtv puts her on tv then you morons worship the ground she walks on huh? In 5 yrs she will be doing porn or celeb rehab show.

  • But they talk about Jessica Simpson everywhere. She wasn’t anything until her reality show. Before she was just an eh singer that couldn’t compete with the likes of Britney and Christina. Now she’s not doing much but Cosmo still has her on the cover.