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It’s Dawson!

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Well, his career is certainly up shit’s creek.

Heh heh. I ran this photo just so I could say that.

Here’s James Van Der Beek doing something boring in Los Angeles.

What happened to this kid? The boys in that series didn’t really fare well, did they? Katie Holmes went on to marry Tom Cruise. Michelle Williams went on to star in an Oscar-award-winning film. But Josh Jackson? And Dawson? They just kind of went away.

What do you guys figure is in his hands? I’ve included a close-up in the thumbnail so you can guess away. Because I know how much you care.


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  • I first thought it was toilet paper, but now think it is grout or spackling or something like that. love the elderly lady in the background.

  • lol, i was just gonna comment about the old lady.
    that was the fisrt person i noticed.
    hmm what does that say about james van whatever?

  • oh my gosh!!

    I used to LOOOOVE him!!!!!

    I’d sit in front of my little TV every Wed night singing, “I don’t wanna waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, for our liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives to be ooooooo-ver…”

    I still think he’s hot :) take that shirt off dawson

  • the elderly woman in the background totally upstaged him in this shot! Gotta love her style! Oh well…looks like he’s at least moved on with his life, unlike so many other actors who cling onto any bit part and turn into a pathetic human being whose willing to sell their soul to the devil just for fame.

  • it looks like wheat germ, you know, the shit you buy at GNC for your health. Anyways, at least he’s leading a normal life and totally happy that a paparazzi recognized him. By the way, the lady in the back looks like she’s casting a spell on him… she looks evil.

  • who cares what he bought, he is a fugly butthole and that is probably his gammy in the background