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Well, my mother wouldn’t want to read this. But if you asked my girlfriends, they would tell you: “That boy loves to eat pussy.” And I am damn good at it.

Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, when Blender magazine posed the question “What would your exes say about you?”

The whole interview’s worth a read. It’s here.

The Counting Crows’ new album, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, will be released March 25, which is why Adam’s taking time out of his busy schedule of smoking pot and eating pussy to give interviews to Blender mag.

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  • Doesn’t every guy say they are the best at eating pussy?

    And everytime I heard their version of Big Yellow Taxi, I want to put a bullet in my brain.

  • i dont know who this guy is i’m only here to coment on that pussy eating shit im sorry but thats the only time i have ever heard a person brag about eating good pussy or saying they like to i mean i wouldent

  • suddenly I got the feeling he’s looking for women who may want to keep him company
    like the carrot in front of the donkey

  • I’m gonna assume Beet is on her road-trip; the pussy-eating comment had me confused for a few seconds.

  • PS… who would be stupid enough to eat a groupie’s pussy? That’s like sticking your tongue in a petri dish.

  • PS… who would be stupid enough to eat a groupie’s pussy (unless you’re the ugliest mf’er in the band)? That’s like sticking your tongue in a petri dish.

  • Wow, did any of you idiots read the actual interview? It’s very interesting to say the least. This guy sounds very haunted, and not only is it depressing… it’s strangely attractive.

  • leave him alone. he’s the sexiest guy alive. just because he chooses to be a musician everyone criticizes every fucking thing he does. leave him the fuck alone. judge not lest ye be judged.fuck up your own lives and stay out of his.

  • i bet he’s choosy about who he tastes because he cn have whomever he wants. i’d suck him any day.