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Spencer Pratt is Getting His Own Advice Column

Spencer Pratt to Write Advice Column for RADAR Magazine

No, no, I’m serious.

RADAR magazine gave the dude a regular advice column.

When I first read this, I was like, “Oh, okay, it’s a new spin on the advice column: people will just write in each week and give Spencer Pratt some advice, because he obviously needs it.”

But no.

Spencer Pratt will be the one entrusted to advise other people.

“Spencer is never afraid to speak his mind,” Radar editor Maer Roshan said in a statement. “When asking for advice, it’s good to have someone who will be brutally honest with you, and tell it like it is.”

Oh, man. Spencer doesn’t tell it like it is. Spencer tells it like he thinks it is. And that’s not just not something you want presented as fact, ever.

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