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Looking at Chloe Sevigny Is Making Me Itchy

Chloe Sevigny hosts the MSG Plus pre-party for the NetJets Showdown between Pete Sampras and Roger Federer at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Pictures, Photos

I don’t think I have to reiterate how much I hate Chloe Sevigny’s sense of “style.”

Here’s how I feel about Chloe’s ensemble choices: you know how, when you’re really sad, those “deep” people in your life are all like, “Look, you need to feel sadness every now and then. If you didn’t feel sadness, you’d never appreciate happiness. Sadness is a blessing.” And you want to fucking smack those people across their smug little faces and be like “That is such bullshit. Couldn’t I just feel fine the rest of the time? I’d still appreciate happiness, wouldn’t I? I’d just move seamlessly between the realms of A-OK and fucking elated, and I’d notice the difference, and appreciate it just fine, and I’d never be sad. You didn’t think that far ahead, did you, Buddha? So why don’t you be helpful by packing the bowl and then meditating somewhere far away?”

Okay, I know that didn’t make sense.

But I feel like Chloe sees herself as the anti-fashion. Like, if we didn’t have Chloe to showcase everything that could possibly be awful about fashion, how could we appreciate good fashion?

We’d be just fine, Chloe. Just fine.


Everything about this outfit makes me feel itchy. It hurts me just to look at her.

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  • omg, she must have something against lighting b/c i swear she dresses herself in the dark. what’s even funnier is that she is such a snob about her “style”. she feels she is “fashion forward”. i have a 4 year old that puts together some crazy-ass outfits that still look better then chloe’s.

  • is she single now? I wonder why she posted profile on the celeb dating site S earchingM illionaire. com.

  • bec – “i have a 4 year old that puts together some crazy-ass outfits that still look better then chloe’s.”

    funny shit… thanks a bunch, munch!

  • She is fully one of those ‘i am arty and dont follow trends’ girls from school…. but you know there is a difference between choosing not to follow trends and getting dressed in the dark Chloe!

    P.s. get your roots done

  • Ugh. That chick fucking loves herself. AND she blew Vincent Gallo. Repugnant.

    And she consistently looks ridiculous — the epitome of the Spoiled NYC Hipster Art Douche, if you ask me.

  • Why does the fashion world embrace her. She is like the poster child for UGLY CHIC! Just once I would love to see her in something that shows off her great legs and hot blondeness. She and Mischa Barton should collaborate on a fugly fashion line. They both can’t get enough of someone’s sewing gone way wrong.

  • This phlegmatic bore made an entire career off one New Yorker article by another bore. The fashonistas are too scared to admit they all think she’s weird because they think they’re “missing something.”

    God they’re ridiculous.

  • “She is like the poster child for UGLY CHIC!”



    what would you know! you wouldnt know good fashion if you were kicked in the face with it (a luella shoe). i sense some jealousy? all of you who are speaking this drivvel are probably bitter old women who would kill to be able to pull off what she wears. or a sexist male pig who cant see beauty past the stereotypically “hot” girl. p.s the whole “getting dressed in the dark” isnt that hilarious. if she gets dressed in the dark, and comes out looking like that, she deserves a medal. bastards.