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Is Daniel Craig Engaged?

Daniel Craig Engaged to Girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, Pictures, Photos

The Sun is reporting that the 007 hottie is engaged to his girlfriend, Satsuki Mitchell, a film producer.

Daniel’s currently filming the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace.

Seriously? Like, I know all those words, but juxtaposed in that order they are meaningless to me. Quantum? Of Solace? What???

Anyway. Satsuki’s apparently rocking a large diamond solitaire with a platinum setting from Cartier.

If it’s true, congrats.

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  • I really like him, while Clooney and a lot of other actors had paid escorts at Cannes last year, they kept hidden until the private parties, Daniel always had his girlfriend front and center. Good for him, seems like a real love match.

  • The title for that upcoming movie is rather unfortunate. Heretofore ,(how does that word grab you!), the names have all been humorous and tongue in cheek. What the hell happened! I know! The Italian internet site designers were called in , true to form, they screwed up the name. I recently went to several sites in Italy, recommended by the Sartotialist, what a load of pretentious B.S.! , completely off-message. So, let us get back to a whimsical title for this movie, and never, ever, ask Italians to name a movie like this again!