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Actually, I Have More to Say About This David Hernandez Thing


So I wrote yesterday about how American Idol contestant David Hernandez used to dance fully nude at gay strip clubs. And I also wrote about how the American Idol producers were all like, “Yeah, that’s okay with us, it was just his job, no biggie.”

And at first I was all like, “Yeah, that’s all good. I don’t think it’s a big deal either.”

And then I’m driving to my friend’s house to play Guitar Hero (that’s my new obsession) and I’m just in my car, drinking my Red Bull, enjoying my life, and all of a sudden I’m like, “Holy shit. What about Frenchie Davis?”

Frenchie, if you’ll recall, was the fan favorite booted from American Idol in 2003 after producers learned she’d posed for topless photos on a racy website. At the time, Frenchie was all like, “Dude, I was doing it to pay for college,” but the producers at Fox were all like, “We don’t care. You’re out.”

I interviewed Frenchie on camera at an event in Hollywood about six months ago. Before the interview began, her publicist pulled me aside and was like, “Whatever you do, do not ask her about American Idol. Don’t even say the words. She doesn’t want to talk about it.” So obviously it’s still a sore subject. (And, for the record, the interview started off really rough — she was guarded and rude and I hated her — but once it became clear that I was not going to make her talk about American Idol, she was a total sweetheart and we had a great time. It turns out her best friend is Eva Pigford — the ANTM winner — and she told me this really cute story about how Frenchie had to move out of her NYC apartment on short notice but was really busy with auditions and shows, so Eva came over while she was gone and packed up her entire apartment for her. That’s a true friend.)

So why is David’s stripper past a non-issue, while Frenchie’s topless photos were cause for expulsion?

When the nude photos of Antonella Barba surfaced last season, this same issue came up. But I get the difference. Antonella took those pictures privately and they leaked, whereas Frenchie’s pictures were taken for pay and public consumption. But I don’t get the difference here. Both David and Frenchie got naked for pay. Professionally. And legally, I might add.

Why is David’s past somehow more palatable for the producers? Is it more acceptable for men to take their clothes off for money? I demand an explanation.

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  • I just saw her profile on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named ” SearchingMillionaire dot com”.. I am really curious.

  • What the hell is there to talk about in a “celebrity interview” with Frenchie Davis if American Idol is off limits? And why does Frenchie have a publicist?

    David’s situation is more palatable to producers because there aren’t pictures of his naked romps floating around, just yet. Also, I remember one of the big no-nos about Frenchie was that she didn’t tell producers of her light porno past and they felt blind-sided when news broke out. Perhaps David Hernandez alerted producers that he’d done some well-choreographed “nude figure modeling.”

  • First of all…..Wasnt shes VOTED off? And second, wasnt David a DANCER? The difference isnt hard to see. Frenchi posed all topless and shit (which is gross because girlfriend is HUGE), its not like somebody was hiding in the bushes and got a shot of her topless. AND the only pictures that have surfaced (So far) are of him just posing in his work t-shirt with the customers, and the only reason those got out is because he is on American Idol, and bloggers and gossip sites CANT just let somebody be, they have to dig up scandal and bring out everyones Skeletons. SOOOOO……I totally agree with the decisions on both situations.

  • The difference is there are photos to PROVE that Frenchie was being paid to go topless. Hopefully someone out there will have photos of David H being handed cash for nude-ness, or someone will leak paperwork documenting he was working for a nude bar.

  • Come on, guys! I was the first born, so anything I did was scandalous. When my brother was born, he had it alot easier. Frenchie paved the way.

  • the juciest part is that he was outed i saw him on e yesterday and he was talking about how cute all the girls were…as if

  • OK – here it is – Frenchie posed topless on an underage website, promoting underage girls (which they really weren’t by the way). There are no pics of this David kid out there, it’s all talk at this point.

    One thing I’d like to ask everyone who has their panties in a bunch – why is it that every story about him being a stripper is preceeded by the word ‘gay’?
    Would everyone feel better about him, and themselves, if he were a stripper in a woman’s club? Would this be an issue?

  • Stripper is tacky enough, by itself. Closeted gay stripper was my ex-husband. Come on out and let us see you! LOL

  • Ok – let’s hash this out for the last time…..

    First, she did not disclose this information to the producers, second, the website she posed topless for was full of pictures of underage girls in the same state of undress.

    Frist, he (as well as Antonella) disclosed his “somewhat” checkered past to the producers, second, what he did was NOT ILLEGAL!

    Now, i’m not saying that Frenchie did anything illegal herself, but the website that published the pictures did and therefore making her more of a liability.

    Do I necessarily think it is fair, NO….but given the fact that Idol does not have a morality clause with it’s contestants, only an agreement that they share any “unsavory” moments from their past with them, I think they are doing the right thing.

  • who really cares? David is hot Frenchie was fat… If they would have put her through that shit would have been all over the place and who really wants to see it?

  • I’ll back “Pay Attention People” – Frenchie’s past/photos were connected to illegal activity. David is not. Also, Frenchie was *not* the first to have a similar controversy – that would be season 1’s Nikki McKibbin. She disclosed her past and was not disqualified (she finished third). Therefore Idol can *not* disqualify David without being discriminatory.

    At this point it’s moot because he’s no longer on the show & will not be on tour since he’s not Top 10. I think he was the best singer they had though and he was my favorite this year by far.