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Who’s Coming with Me to Dick’s Cabaret?

David Hernandez Being a Male Gay Stripper at Burn and Dick’s Cabaret, Pictures, Photos

Those of you who don’t read this blog regularly may not be aware that I am currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I have been taken to my parents’ house for safekeeping.

I lived in the Phoenix area for the first 20 years of my life, and I had NO IDEA that they had male strip clubs here.

But they do!

And David Hernandez, of American Idol fame, used to work at one. Well, several.

A former boss confirmed that the singer, who sailed through voting last week thanks to a raved-about rendition of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” once worked as a male stripper at a Phoenix nightclub.

Gordy Bryan, manager of the innuendo-laden Dick’s Cabaret, told the Associated Press that Hernandez stripped down fully nude during his performances and also gave lap dances to the club’s “mostly male” patrons.

“He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here,” Gordy said, adding that Hernandez worked at the club for roughly three years, shimmying off the dance floor for good Sept. 30 in anticipation of his TV debut.

So whatever. The dude worked in a gay strip club. Big whoop. That’s not a scandal.

Also: they may think it’s a gay strip club, but it’s about to get very straight, when I call up all my Phoenix girlfriends and crash the place tonight. Rebecca? Saranden? Tiffy? Kate? I know a bunch of you are in town for Ashley’s wedding (congrats Ash!!!). If you’re in Phoenix, and you have my phone number, call it: you’re coming with me to Dick’s Cabaret. How did we not know about this shit when we were in high school???

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  • Ah Beet, I love you. In a completely platonic “you bring me my gossip with the scathing reviews I thought only I was capable of” way. And being an Arizona girl myself, I love you a little bit more knowing you’re from here. Maybe it’s something in the air here that leads to such irritable cynicism about all things. Especially people.

  • OMG I absolutely L♥VE the whole Phoenix area. I went to college there……BUT I moved back to my home state of Oregon =( Anyway, I truly believe that The whole Scottsdale/Tempe/Phoenix area has some of the best party spots EVER!!!!

    P.S. Not that I really ever thought about it, but it is kinda weird that they have gay strip clubs. Ha ha, weird.

  • Hey Beet, what do you mean “safe keeping”? With your statements of sickness and feeling low you are making me nervous, hopin you are ok and not running from some Hilton maffia attack. Ps I read from Amsterdam so keep those blogs comin, I am reading at 3pm onwards to see whats going on (which I know is early for you). The other thing that gets me through the day is george lamb on, radio 6 from10 – 1pm g. meantime time, you should check it out – it will make you laugh and laugh … try and see

  • I’m there!
    I get in Thursday late night (think that is out the window) but I think we should take Mr. M. to a gay strip club.
    Then he has a story to tell his banker buddies when we get back to the city.

  • Sorry have to make a change here – sorry Heidi from A, (Not Austria), I meant to change the name but did not figure it out. By the way the most normal thing from where I am is gay places, people bars, whatever – see comment at 2.52 – it was me. Sorry again Heidi.

  • I am seriously thinking Beet should/could download the george lamb show, he is seriously amazing for laughs, for northern american folk download the show. Each day he dedicates the show to someone and last week phoned some girl in – i dont know where but maybe the States /possibly Canada – really Beet get some laughs from George – he is also lovely!

  • dude. i used to go to dicks all the time. i guarantee i’ve seen him before! however, the only guy I remember went by the name ‘Hunter’ and he repeatedly said ‘I’m the chunky one!’ Which he was . . . . also, my friend told me there used to be a guy that could move his balls. Like, one at a time. I bet money that was David. If he thinks he’s not getting kicked off, he’s a dumb ass.

  • Oh my god Beet. I just looked up the club and it’s seriously right down the street from my work. I driven past this place unknowingly like 8 times a day for months. How fuckin perfect!

  • I lived in Phoenix for WAY TOO LONG and NEVER knew this was here. I remember a bar called Little Richard’s- he really went by Dick but the city wouldn’t let him put Lil Dick’s on the sign so the inside was flooded w/ tshirts that screamed “I Love Lil Dick’s!” too funny…. it was years ago…but this could be the same guy. fucking hilarious anyway you look at it.
    get better beet-interestingly…I left Phoenix for MY safekeeping. shit got ugly there…..and there’s something wrong when it is sooo freakin hot you leave footprints in blacktop! get out of there before the summer!!!

  • Dude, what’s the 411? Are you in deep withdrawal from chocolate? Has the Hilton/Lohan/Spears consortium put out a hit on you? You can’t do your job from West Bumfuck, AZ. Come home to CrazyLand!

  • It’s said he recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “Searching Millionaire dot coM”.
    Many fans found him there. But I did not find him when I joined it. Really Pity.

  • I don’t pay to see naked people
    I have to see them naked on a daily basis
    it’s boring, believe me