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Dannielynn Set for Life


Dannielynn, Anna Nicole’s baby with Larry Birkhead, is now officially the heir to Anna’s fortune. If the pending case for J. Howard Marshall’s money ends up going Anna’s way, all of that money will then go to Dannielynn. That case is still tied up.

Dannielynn so far has two crazy daddies, cross eyes and will never be able to escape the media glare. I guess this is the booby prize for being famous before you can talk.

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  • Jesus H!! How much fucking makeup can you cake on, Larry? You look about as natural as Anna’s tits. Dude’s a filthy bastard…

  • Larry is gorgeous. goddammit how could anna get him she’s shit ugly. when she was alive. and huge whore.

  • Now maybe she can get those baby blues fixed. It’s like the mark of the beast and shit like that. Good luck Dannielynn!

  • Larry is a hottie! He will find a hard time trying to find a wife though, most women will be after the $$$$. Unfortunatly.

  • I feel bad for Dannielynn, she probably won’t have it easy growing up.
    I hope someone takes her to get surgery to get her crosseyedness fixed.