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How Can You Possibly See Through Those Things?


MK and Ash hit up the Pret-a-Porter shows at Paris Fashion Week.

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  • Thank you Lord! Finally, someone is wearing specialized driving glasses in public besides myself. For several years I’ve had to explain to people why the bottom of my sunglasses were clear, Bausch and Lomb’s Ray Ban division made glasses for Airline crews and drivers, so they could see their instruments and gauges. Now that the Olsens are popularising these glasses, I may finally no longer have to explain! These things are fantastic, your optician will custom make a pair for you, make sure the bottom is clear. I’ve had mine for years, love them, you will also!!! The tops of mine are mirrored!!!

  • As an add on to the above posting: If you have the bucks and the inclination to get a fabulous bespoke pair, this is how to specify what you want!. Tell the Optician to provide the coating , whatever color you want, a quarter of a wavelength thick, so that the incoming light rays are thrown 180 degrees out of phase, thus canceling most if not all of the internal reflection of the lenses. The wavelength to use for the thickness is the mid-spectrum yellow, not the wavelength of the color of the applied coating! If he’s sharp and ethical, you will have something truly outstanding! Be forewarned, this will set you back a lot of money!!

  • Holy smokes! This is the only known photo that shows neither of them holding a Starbuck’s cup in their hands.