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Apparently Ashley Tisdale’s Doll Needs a Nose Job


As you all know, Ashley Tisdale had a deviated septum nose job last year, but I guess the manufacturers of her new doll didn’t get the memo.

According to “insiders,” the Tizz doll is sporting her pre-surgery nose. “The width of the doll’s nose and the nostrils look like her nose pre-surgery,” cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patrick Abergel, who doesn’t treat the star, told In Touch Weekly.


You know what the Ashley Tisdale doll looks like?

It looks like a fucking doll.

It doesn’t look a damn thing like Ashley Tisdale, because it’s a fucking cheap-ass, mass-produced plastic likeness of a human being with blonde hair. When’s the last time you looked at one of those crappy dolls and thought to yourself, “Jesus, that thing looks exactly like Lindsay Lohan” or “Man, I thought Justin Timberlake lived in LA, but he’s clearly been shrunken and placed right here in my living room in Minnesota, the likeness is so striking”?


It’s not Madame Tusseaud’s, people, it’s a cheap little doll. It doesn’t look like Ashley Tisdale because none of those dolls look anything like the people they’re supposed to be.

I don’t know why I’m so riled up about this. I just can’t believe people are actually writing stories — and consulting cosmetic surgeons — about a fucking $15 doll needing a couple millimeters off her nose.

God, Paris, I’m sorry about giving you shit for running around town clutching Benji Madden’s hand like a couple of fifth graders at recess. At least when you’re up to your standard antics, people aren’t writing about the goddamn nose on the Ashley Tisdale doll.

Ugh. I’m grumpy and need to sleep.

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  • Aww, Beet. I want to make you a peanutbutter and jelly sammich. .. and give you a gift card for a pedicure. ;)

  • that looks nothing like her and the only dolls i ever bought that actually looked like the people were the spice girl dolls..and they cost so much more then these dolls nobody wants any more.
    Beet this is a amazing post =]

  • there is a war going on, people starving, animals being abused and why do we fucking care about this bitches nose, and her stupid fucking doll??????????

  • Omg Evil Beet You ARE A EVIL BITCH!! You Like To Make Celebritys Lifes A lIVING HELL! I Agree With HELL YEAH! Put A Picture Of Youself On Your ‘ AMAZING’ Website And We’ll Compare You To All The People You Have Slagged Of In The Previos Comments On Your ‘AMAZING’ Website. I Doo Agree That Her Nose Looks Worse Than Before But Heyy It Was Her Decision Now She Faces The Consequences!!

  • Whoever Said Ashley Is Plastic Shut You Face Cause She Didn’t Have A Noe Job She Had An Operation Because She Had Something Wrong With Her Nose Since She Was Born And It Got That Bad That She Could Barely Breath So She Had An Op

  • Hey dum ass the doll looks just like her so I dont think u should be talking cause u dont no pic on ur web site so that must mean u Ugly.

  • Ashley Tisdale is very ugly when she is not wearing any makeup and now she gets a nose job , retard !!!!!!!!! She should get a Makeover !!!!

  • haha liam sed faces the consequences lol,,faces sorry its’ just eeh i don’t know i love this world

  • HiaaaaDudess NikkiAndAshleyyyHere
    If Anyone Talks I Will Give Them A 10er x x

  • if any of ya’ll got a dang problem with ashley’s new nose, ya’ll better
    slove it with me then, cuz i would have did the same thing if i was her. Plus you are not in her dang shoe’s to no how she is feeling right now ya’ll the bitc* ya’ll the ho*. Yes i went there, ashley is a nice girl, and she wants respect to, and you know what you have to give respect to get respect. So think about it, how people called ya’ll names, ya’ll would get mad, pissed off, and more that is related to that. So watch what ya’ll say about people because they might come up in ya’ll face and say something meaner, so watch what ya’ll say. And guess what if somebody made a doll out of ya’ll i BET that pieace of crap will come out looking like a pound of doo-doo in the bathroom. Plus mind would be looking ugly too, but at lease i got one and ya’ll dont. so please watch what ya’ll say cuz i hate to see people get there feeling’s hurt, im not a mean person only when i have too. SO REMEMBER TO GIVE RESPECT TO GET RESPECT. this was keyosha everybody. THIS IS ASHLEY TISDALE NUMBER 0 FAN THAT MEAN’S I KNOW MORE THEN HER NUMBER ONE FAN. pease

  • are you people stupid… shy id a beutyful person and if she whants to hava a nose job let her .. it not your face it’s her and you do not questoin that !!!!!! just becouse she is beutyfuler than you !!!! leave her alone

  • ha ha ha if you werez a girl id say u were on ur period…. dumbass hole how about you go crawl in a dark corner and die?? hhhhmm? how does that sound….god i hate ppl trying to make celeb’s life a living hellllllllll you must not be good looking at all since you dont HAVE A DAMN PIC OF U ON UR DAMN SITE i bet your some fatass living with their mom unemployed, get a life

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    your huge # 1 fan

  • you guys should shut up i think you guys are hurting her feelings and i dont care about if the doll has the old nose just that she feels happy not sad happy i think the doll looks just like her

  • Omg, yous are all so sad.

    Cause fucking Ashley Tisdale will read this.
    “i’m your number one fan” wtf????

    and sitting slagging her off on a blog, where no one knows you.
    Way mature. i’d like to see yous say it to her if you ever met her.
    but nar you probs would be licking up her arse.
    “oh ashley, ashley. big fan. big fan.” 2faced? i think so!

    this made my night reading these comments. ridiculous all of yous.


  • Ashley Tisdale is a fucking hoe dude. she posts pictures of herself naked or getting fucked up the ass on the internet. look it up. sometimes i want to just squeeze her titties and give her a nice vagina lick, but i remember how many times she already got her cherry popped .

  • And also, all of you guys/lesbians have horrible spelling and/or grammar. Get an education you Ashley loving losers. Grow some balls while you’re at it.

  • I Didn’t even read all of this. Seireously there’s no need to swear! What the hell is wrong with you!? ‘beep**beep**beep’ Get a life!