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Tom Cruise and Will Smith Should Totally Switch Wives



I mean, from a height perspective, it would just work better, doncha think?

Tom, Katie, Will and Jada all attended the very first annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon on Thursday.

And while I’m all about recognizing the work of black women in Hollywood, I also think the surest way to make such an event not about black women in Hollywood is to have Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise there. I mean, I guess it means people like me are writing about it, but, in all honesty, I saw these pics of Tom & Katie and thought to myself, “Hm, I want to use these pictures. Now I just have to figure out a way to involve black people, too, or I’ll take shit for writing about a Black Women in Hollywood luncheon while running a photo of Tom Cruise.” But you know what? That’s what everyone is going to do.


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  • Well. I’m a black woman and I would not have given you crap if you would have simply run the same story about them all being at the luncheon and the little joke about them switching wives. Maybe it would have been kind of random to only use a picture of Tom and Katie from this even but, now you have let us all know the only reason you put Will and Jada there was to include black people, it was kind of unecessary.

  • Oh, so good to hear that. They are the success interracial couple. If you want to find your interracial love, you may try mixedfriends dotcom for help, which is a niche interracial dating service for blacks and whites. I am sure you will love it. So many real nice hot girls there.

  • Cathy,
    how much do you get paid to post on blogs about that site?
    I might need to start doing that sh*t on the side for some extra cash…you’re annoying as hell though.

  • Hey Kids…

    Close your eyes for a moment. Oh that’s very good. Now just dream of Tom in blackface, singing . Can you hear it? Well can you?

    Old man river….

    The very thought of it makes me want to do a little tap dance.

  • First Anonymous: nobody is racist. Calm down. You need to focus all of your ire on ACTual bigotry, not some comment regarding Will Smith on a BLOG.

    I really just wanted to say that I keep disliking Katie’s outfits more and more. She could not possibly look more awkward. The end.

  • You know what? I’m a black female, I caught Beet’s jokes AND I appreciate her honesty. Really people, it’s just a blog. It’s Beet’s job to pull a punchline from the mundane, insane or whatever. She could’ve ran the photo and not mentioned the event at all period. But she did, now we know, no big deal.

  • Ernestine—

    Omg, I never said anything about thinking anyone was racist. She asked for thoughts and all I was saying was she could have just made the post and I wouldnt have given her any flack like she thought she was going to get…..geeze.

  • How did that little munchkin ever get the M.I. gig? Movie magic I suppose. He really looks tiny standing next to her.

  • I LOVE how Tom’s tie & PULLOVER SWEATER match Katie’s shoes…..
    do you think he made her do that? ……………

  • theres something inheretly wrong and racist about your post
    it made me feel uncomfortabe..

  • Pretty good article, but it just re affirms the ugly truth in America that there is still many pressues on/in all facects of media when it comes to black and white – (knowing that you will catch sh*t for running a picure of kate and Tom in connection with attending a “Black Women’s Lunchen in Hollywood”).

    I say to hell with the nay-sayers run what you want when you want, as long as the info is good and true, your readership will grow.