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Cosby Kids Reunion on Oprah!

This is fabulous.

Parts II and III are after the jump.

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  • I saw that. The whole show should have been all them, w/o the David Cassidy…but perhapse I wouldnt be saying that if I were 30 yrs older.

  • Bill Cosby is Hillarious in the most call serious way. He tells his joke w/o even blinking an eye, everyone is cracking up and he’s like he didnt even say anything funny, I love that and for some reason he reminds me of my grandfather.

  • “We all got along so well and genuinely liked each other”

    Umm, one of your cast members was kicked from the show and wasn’t invited to the reunion. It wasn’t all fun and flowers, children.

  • Actually she was invited, she just couldnt make it because had “just had a baby”. Even so being let go from the show doesnt mean they (the cosby kids) had anything against her, or didnt get along with her.

  • He’s older enough to be their father/grandfather so as a sign of respect you call him Mr. Cosby.

  • Yeah, C. I’ve noticed that the moderators of this blog are all super racist (*rolls eyes*). They just HATE black people. Their discriminatory outlook seeps from each and every word in each and every post. I notice it every time I log in, and I find it absolutely abhorrent!

    Get over yourself, or go find another blog. You are ridiculous.

    That said, I LOVE the fact that Oprah interviewed the cast on the original Cosby set! Genius!

  • I think Oprah did a good thing. But it seems some millionaires have some negative comments for her at These guys talked a lot about her.

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  • I wonder if Bill Cosby offended anyone when he said he was disappointed especially in the Yale one “Sondra”. I knw he was jokn but she didn’t look like she took it as a joke to me. And the audience wasn’t sure if they were to&augh or what