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Barron Hilton Was Way Drunk

Barron blew a .14, which is nearly twice LA’s legal limit of .08, and allegedly hit a gas station employee with his car just before being arrested for DUI this morning.

Says Papa Hilton: “I haven’t been contacted yet by either my son or the police. If what I have heard is true, it is very disturbing and I will have a lot to say — but it will be to my son, not the media.”

Paris’s comment: “I am sad for my little brother. I hear he is doing OK. I am there for him and will be speaking to him in an hour or so, hopefully, to lend my support.”

Give the whole Hilton fortune to Nicky!

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  • Gee, Paris…we’re so glad your snotty little brother is “doing okay” after attempting vehicular manslaughter. What a relief!!

  • Lee Lee, probably not so. Barron is of age, meaning that his parents likely wouldn’t be held liable for his actions in civil court. And despite the name, Barron is probably not directly worth a fortune. Not yet.

    Why do Paris and papa Hilton talk as though Barron has been away on sabbatical and they just heard news of his whereabouts? I mean, he’s only 18.

    Anyway, this is all setup for his official showbiz/public life debut. But dreams of a Barron Hilton presidency are slowly fading into obscurity. Should have known something like this was coming when we started seeing pictures of Paris taking Barron with her on late night party jaunts.