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And Barron’s Out!

Barron Hilton finally got bailed out of the Malibu jail he’s been in all day.

No word on who posted bail. Barron left through a side entrance, shielded by a jacket, and was driven away in a GMC Acadia by three peers:— two girls and one boy.

Parents Kathy and Rick Hilton were not seen.

Barron will be arraigned on April 14 in Malibu. And because he was charged with a felony (possessing a fake California license), he’ll have to be there. He could possibly face jail time.


Update: It seems like Barron’s bail was posted by his friends, after he begged his sister Paris for the bail money and she told him that he had to learn his lesson. His buddies showed up at the jail with $2000, assuming the Sheriff would take the 10%, but unfortunately only a bail bondsman does that. So they went to find a bail bondsman, paid him the $2000, and returned to the jail to retrieve Barron.

Dayum! I should have thought to do that.

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