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Heath Ledger’s Doctors Are In Deep Shit

On the heels of the revelation that Heath Ledger died as the result of an accidental overdose of about a billion different prescription drugs, the DEA has announced that they will be looking into how Heath obtained so many different prescriptions.

It’s like Anna Nicole all over again.

I hope heads are going to spin.

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  • Like you can trust ‘doctors’ anymore these days. This is so sad & pathetic, on many people’s parts.

  • Did they ever say they were actually prescribed to him? It’s supereasy to get whatever prescription meds if you know the right nursing home.

  • I think heads are already spinning, Beet, we’d like to see them roll. That’s a shitload of sedatives (Valium, Restoril, Vicodin, & oxycodone) plus Unisom which is over-the-counter…any ONE of those would put me to sleep.

  • naahh
    you can have as many docs as you like
    and you are not supposed to disclose whatever you take
    and who prescribed it
    you can always hide everything you want from docs
    sometimes I find my patients are fooling me
    other times Beet…no clue whatsoever.
    patients are free as birds
    they don’t belong to docs

  • I said in another post, and let the F YOU’s fly at me for saying this, but either Heath killed himself, or he was just really really stupid to take all these drugs at once.
    Even if they were not prescribed to him by doctors a smart person would know that mixing painkillers is dangerous, then throw some valium and sleeping meds on top, I mean come on, my 5 year old knows what will happen if she swigs a bottle of tylenol, shes knows not to.

  • Aurora
    I already wrote just about the same as you did
    but when people snap things happen
    no blame on the doctors though
    the usual scapegoats

  • mambaX did say that he killed himself but i thought that it was accidental and doctors do ask if you are on any other medications but the patient doesnt have to disclose this

  • snow ball,it’s true
    the other day I had a patient limping and complaining of excruciating pain
    I gave him a few days to rest away from work
    got out of the hospital and saw him running to catch the bus.
    I was mad ,now it makes me smile
    I think I get fooled all the time
    but still I believe when someone complains of intense pain.
    When you mix sedatives and painkillers in certain amounts
    and your judgment is impaired
    even if you don’t leave notes for your family
    anything can really happen
    it’s so sad
    so damn sad.
    I feel for them all.

  • Doctors need to be RESPONSIBLE and not Assume their patients KNOW about the conflicting of different medications. I hope they Asked him what other pills he was taking.

  • I really loved the guy!!! hope they find the all those dumb asses that call themselves doctors…and hopefully get their licenses voided

  • Heath Ledger was unremarkable in life, bored with his tiresome existence as an overpaid celeb and sought the usual decadent cocktail of drugs and sex with the predictable ending.

    His last hit wasn’t Dark Knight, it was his head on his living room floor. Good riddance.