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Paris Still Using Brit For Press

You’ve got to like one thing about Paris: She’s consistent. Check out this noise where Paris says:

I wish the best for her and I just wish everyone would leave her alone so she could live her life

Dude, you totally hustled to get into a picture with her like two months ago! You are one of the people who is not leaving her alone! Look!


She goes on:

She’s a great mother and a great girl and I really care about her.

I don’t know that “great” mothers stay out late drinking and get their kids taken from them. I think that sort of behavior is reserved for people not actively being “great.” Maybe she could be a great mom, kick the habit, move away from La-La land, start hanging with some people who care about her, that’s all within reason. That’s not the current situation however. The chick is in a total tailspin, probably from hanging out with freaks like Paris.

I once heard a rumor that Paris drinks human blood EXCLUSIVELY as part of her diet.

But I’m sure she’s great!

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