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The Ring is Back!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at Premiere of Cloverfield, Pictures, Photos

Heidi and Spencer showed up at the premiere of Cloverfield, looking very much the couple, and a certain ring is back on Heidi’s finger.

Is this a publicity stunt???


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  • I just dont GET these guys. Is this whole thing just a publicity stunt? Is their relationship real? Is the show even partially real? The line between tv and reality here in LA is getting more watercolored every day. Feels like the Truman show if you ask me.

  • They’re starting to look alike. Everything about them is SO fake, and I totally agree w/ JK~

    deinitely 2 worthless cocksuckers

  • man, people should boycott her, ignore her altogether. her head would probably explode after she went about exposing herself multiple times.

  • did heidi get another nose job? it looks even smaller and higher, narrower in the bridge. well at least if the hills gets cancelled she can land a harrowed spot on the girls next door

  • I saw a bunch of pictures of her from this premiere. It seemed like she was practicing smiling so that she doesn’t show of her big horse teeth. It’s hysterical.
    No dramz from that night?! I saw Kristin, LC, Audrina and Heidi were there.

  • oOOHH Good, she is wearing the ring. If these two cant make it, there is no hope for the rest of us *Rolls eyes*

    These two are so desperate and pathetic how they parade around trying to be “somebodies” whey all they do is just make complete asses out of themselves. Give it up. NOW. ♥

  • You know how the police use that digital aging to help catch criminals 20 years after the fact, or to find kidnapped children?
    Does anyone else think that if they did that to a Cabbage Patch Kid, the resulting image would come out looking a lot like Spencer Pratt?
    Because I have been looking for little Maxwell Emeriah since I left him on a bus in 1985…

  • Man, what type of circus mirror does she look in before coming out for her to think that dress looked good on her??! her very hard, too low breast are holding it up like a dime store mannequin! she gives me the creeps and he does too! they both look like mannequins!

  • look how long her fingers are for such a bitty thing. good for stabbing people in the back … coke nails!

  • I hardly recgonized that Tranny Spencer!!! Heidi’s face is looking LOOOONG anyone notice. I thought when you LIED your nose grew not the bottom half of your face?