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Okay, Seriously, What Happened to the Hot Dude from Nip/Tuck?

John Hensley at NYC Premiere of Teeth, Pictures, Photos

John Hensley at NYC Premiere of Teeth, Pictures, Photos

Forget Suri Cruise, this guy’s our alien.

What is he doing?

What is he wearing?

Is he even human?

Man, I used to have a crush on this kid.

Remember that episode of Nip/Tuck where Brittany Snow was bleaching her face because she found out she was, like, one-eighth black, which is sorta rough when you’re a raging racist? I feel like John Hensley did the same thing, except for, instead of normal bleach, he used ugly bleach.

At the premiere of Teeth in NYC.

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  • hmmm i always though he was ugly, his nickname since the show started has been MJ in our house, short for Michael Jackson. I don’t even know his characters actual name but we have seen every episode…

  • He’s not cute yet…oddly PRETTY for a man, the eyes, the lashes, and small femanine features. He does look like MJ a little. Looked at other pucs of him annnnd…I dont think he was ever hot.

  • this scared the bejeez out of me!

    let’s pray to xenu that he and rumer don’t decide to procreate. that would result in some serious misfortune.

  • I followed Nip Tuck for a while.There was an episode his character sort of mutilated his penis os did a self circumcision, or something, and the surgeons had to correct the mess.
    From that time on I started looking at him as “the wounded penis guy”.
    Then the character started the relationship with the transgender character played by the Dutch Famke.
    By that time I had had enough of silly awkward stuff.

  • What are talking about? Dylan Walsh is the hot one on the show. And sometimes Julian McMahon. And always Joely Richardson, who is always a hot bitch.

    The only thing hot about this guy is his eyes and genital colored lips. He does know how to wear a scarf though; so he is bumped to 7.

  • He actually was burned or something when he was younger. And honestly, I find him to be very pretty in these pictures :]

  • yes. when he was little he was in a fire and he had to have skin graphs all over his face because of how badly he was burned, which is how he explained his “distinguishable features”

    i think he’s sexy in a different kind of way—plus i love him on nip/tuck anyways!

  • OK….. you haters come on. The man is a GREAT actor. (the third best on the show next to the lesbian woman and the mom).

    He has great looks so all the guys hate him and so what if he looks like Michael Jackson. MJ may be weird and all but you want to put someone down for LOOKING LIKE someone (Don’t get me started on all of those drag queen looking femme-bots from the 80s that everyone seem to ignore during the height of Mj’s fame. Sure, lets talk about MJ being gay but lets ignore those guys who say horrible things about gay people a they hop around in Make up, High Heels, Leather pants and that Long Ratty Alcoholic Housewife trailer park hair not to mention that hip shaking dancing and that SUCK A D_ _ K look they gave the camera)

    This guy has LOOKS, charm BRAINS and a Career that is JET SET.

    Don’t get mad, JUST STFU!

  • holy shit!!!! all those stupid guys who are loving him are fat ugly lesbians with big labiums. i hate him every time when i see him at nip tuck (aaaargh gayfucker). he also has penis envy.

  • Every time I see his face on Nip Tuck, I die a little inside. How could anyone find this freakazoid attractive at all? He plays a fag character, full of stupid annoyances, and just looks like a straight up fugly fag fag FAG. Always hoping he dies in the next episode.

    • And that’s . . . the sort of diction that you feel is appropriate to use under any circumstances? Yikes.

  • His role in nip tuck was as hideous as his face. I hated his character on the show and delighted in any misery heaped on his character, especially his prison stint after the disgusting mime crimes.