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Michelle Rodriguez Is Out of Jail


Stay off the roads!!!

Michelle Rodriguez has been released from jail, after serving just 17 days of her 180-day sentence for violating probation in her DUI case.

When she was first sentenced, Superior Court Judge Daviann L. Mitchell forbid an early release for Rodriguez. However, the sheriff could have had no choice but to override that order due to jail overcrowding and let her out for good behavior, legal experts say.

You know, this is almost exactly how shit played out with Paris Hilton, and, at the time, there was, like, national outrage at the fact that she was released early. This will hardly be a blip on the radar. Man, this country sure does hate Paris Hilton.

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  • seriously, she was on one show and got fired. but she’s still popular cuz she almost killed people by drunk driving. winner.

  • she’s sexy. it’s more dangerous to keep her inside. She’ll blow up other women’s minds. And she hasn’t killed anyone outside yet.

  • I think they let her out early was because of her good behavior but also because they know she can be good but she just doesn’t even try to be good.

  • A second chance is deserved yea she made mistakes that cant be looked over but get over it there are more important things going on in the word then hounding my girl for a few bad mistakes we all make then we need to worry about the economy crashing and burning not individual people making mistakes.

  • ella es genial !!
    es una gran actriz!!
    es una de mis actrices favoritas .. la adoro y la admiro

    espero que actue como leah en luna nueva ..

  • simplemente la envidio por haber actuado con Vin Diesel que es el amor de mi vida, difinitivamente

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  • ya know, if you had the $, you would have bought your way out as well.

    Are any of you suprised that our judicial system isn’t about Justice, it’s about money !

    Since when was anyone innocent until proven guilty?

    We’re ALL guilty til proven innocent ! Ty Patriot Act