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I Just Don’t Know What to Make Fun of First

Kim Cattrall in Black Bikini on the Beach, Pictures, Photos

The sunglasses?

The bikini bottoms?

The gold shoes with a silver bag?

Life is full of difficult decisions, you guys.

To Kim Cattrall’s credit, she’s filming a scene for Sex and the City here, so it’s not like the wardrobe was her choice, but still. Awful, awful, awful.

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  • Just because she was the cause of all the drama and delay on making the movie, I say… BEACHED WHALE ALERT!!!!!!!

  • There’s a picture on another blog site (we never said we were exclusive) where she’s wearing Uggs. Or ugly-ass Ugg like boots. It’s wrong.

  • well shes not a total train wreck
    she doesnt look that bad for a woman in her 50s
    but she shoulda just wore a one piece

  • The solution to the ugly swimsuit is clear. She should just take it off. She has a decent body for a woman in her fifties and would probably look better naked.

  • she’s on the fucking BEACH jesus christ people.

    Talk about being a total bitch over nothing.

    Congratulations you just lowered yourself to paparazzi level.

    That’s one step above pond scum.