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I Guess Heidi Montag Had Her Implants Removed

Chris Crocker at Newsroom Cafe, Pictures, Photos

Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker leaves the Newsroom Cafe in LA. I can’t get over how much this kid looks like Heidi Montag. It’s funny every time.

What do you have to say for yourself now, Chris?

Should we leave Britney alone … to die???


Britney Critics: 1
Chris Crocker: 0

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  • Not as horrendous as Heidi, though. At least the Leave Britney Alone guy was amusing for 006. seconds.

  • @Lauren: I think the person in the back there might be Sharon Stone. I mean, I can’t PROVE it, but it would make SENSE.

  • Bahahaha!! I read the title and looked at the pic and was like “why did she cut her hair??, damn she looks more fugly than usual!!”

    Then I actually read the article hahaha the likeness is crazy…I don’t know which one of them should be more offended…

  • ahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!! I seriously, for a second, thought it was her! She is just as disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have to say, that I could not agree with you completely, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong.

  • 2 b qyt onest u fukers bitchin, u doo realise thats wot chris wants 2 hear u not listen 2 wot hes fukin sayin u diks….. ees a laff at ov dai if u dnt like him then y the fuk u bitchin wastin yah tym …faggot…fink every1s abit like him nli ur lot 2 fuking scared 2 show who u r relli like….chris mayte….yah a laff least theirs 1 sain persun….x

  • Chris Crocker is a fucking mess! Where is that picture of him leaving the Abbey with Virgo Degan?? And why would Virgo even be SEEN with him!?! I guess two negatives DO attract. We all expected more from you, Virgo. First Gay Aiken, now THIS. And the chick behind Chris in this photo is his fag-hag.

  • u r a girl?Ohhh.Thought you were a dude with a wig with a guy’s voice.
    seriosly,it’s THAT bad!:)

  • wow! he looks like he has some type of disease. hes dirty looking too. but i do agree with the fact that people should leave britney alone

  • well, i love chris crocker, simply because he’s not afraid to be himself and has a ‘fuck what everyone else thinks’ attitude. i’m not saying he’s right, and everyone should become transvestites, i just think he is amazing for standing up and saying ‘this is me’ even though people slag him down. and to be honest, i think he’s gorgeous and confident no matter what! so stop giving him a hard time about it!

  • well, i love chris crocker, simply because he’s not afraid to be himself and he has a ‘fuck you if you don’t like it’ attitude. i’m not saying everyone should follow him and become trannies as such, but he’s amazing because he’s so confident and brave, to put himself out there and say ‘this is me’ even though people slag him down. and personally, i think he’s gorgeous; girl or guy, though thats a matter of opinion i guess. all i’m saying is think about things before you critisise someone…is chris crocker so bad? he’s not like a mass murder or anything. oh and his new single’s great ;D well done chris x

  • chris u r so gay u r a fruit cake ur a flaming fag u like to drop yo soap on purpose an get it on with another fag ha ha ha lol:}