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Are the Sex and the City Girls Getting Bonuses for Putting Up with Kim Cattrall?


There have long been rumors that Kim Cattrall doesn’t get along so hot with the rest of the cast of Sex and the City. The reason it took so long to make that movie in the first place is that Kim didn’t want to come on board, she so disliked working on the show with the other women. Apparently that behavior continued through the filming of the movie, and now Star is reporting that Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis actually received secret bonuses for putting up with Kim’s diva behavior.

Not everything is sexy in the city. Sources tell Star that Kim Cattrall was such a diva to work with on the Sex and the City movie that her costars are getting a secret bonus for dealing with Kim’s prima donna behavior.

An insider tells Star, “Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are getting a ‘hush-hush’ bonus for not being divas during filming and as a thank-you for putting up with Kim.”

Seriously if I got a fucking bonus for every time I had to put up with a shit-head coworker back when I worked in an actual office, I’d be sipping margaritas in Bora Bora and paying male models to feed me grapes instead of being isolated in my apartment (where there are no shit-head coworkers other than my cats) writing celeb gossip.

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