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Robert Downey Jr and Wife Susan with Matt Damn and Wife Luciana Barroso Have Dinner in Miami, Pictures, Photos

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  • i love Robert Downey jr. because he is so cute and is the love of my live and he is the best.i love he.

    Robert Downey jr.=super cute and the best

  • yea, um….real interestin 2 c him like that. he looks so fuckin high w/ that facial expression. i mean, hes kool and cute and all that, but its weird 2 c him like this, as i said b4. but whatever; he’s kool and cute i gotta admit!
    anyways, hi, Mr. and Mrs.Downey!! i loved iron man. it wuz so awesome!!! that movie looked so hard 2 make. but it wuz good! good job!! very kool, lots of action goin on, and all that stuff!! =P
    ur awesome, Mr.Downey!! and Mrs. Downey, im so jealous of u…omg!! u guyz r a gr8 couple!!
    ur awesome
    luv u lots,
    mariah from monterey

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