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Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese Are Officially Divorced

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, Pictures, Photos

In case anyone cares.

Their divorce was official on Thursday.

Now Manson is free to make an honest woman of his 12-year-old girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. (I kid, I kid. She’s a full 20 years old. Manson is 38.) And Dita is free to find someone who deserves her luscious ass.

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  • Just can’t figure out why girl who is looks like that, hang around with looser who looks like that…

  • its a shame though really if you know what brain has really gone through dita was a nice girl probably the nicest of all of the girls he was with it was probably a sad day for him :-(

  • hey! he’s great…it’s his style….it’s good…And Wood is a beatiful girl…Nice couple, isn’t it…(heh) OK…I mean it…It really is a nice couple…(what a comment…wow :-D)

  • umm what is everyones problem? ok sureh e wears a ton of makeup, but its hot, and if you actually stoppped jumping on the bandwagon and stereotyping , and LISTENED to some of his better songs, then youd probly like it. not that He wants any of you conforming fags listening to his excellent music. =]]

    • I completely agree with you. I mean, stop being so stereotypical. Yeah sure he wears a bunch of makeup, but that is his trademark. Everyone knows who he is because of that fact. Hell, he’s known as someone who inflicts fear into our lives. And him without makeup makes him seem more real. Makes him seem like he is actually a person and not just a danger magnet!

  • I think that Marilyn Manson is a really cool guy, a great singer/songwriter and I think that Evan Rachel Wood is a great actress, who happens to look amazing. I think that they’re a good couple.

    That Dita Von Teese girl is weird, not Manson.

  • i think manson is a very daring individual, and has done nothing but be himself…as for his music, its the soundtrack to my life!

  • marilyn manson is the most amazing and talented person who has ever walked this earth everyone just judges him because they fear him, and they fear him because hes everything you wish you could be but are too scared. hes real. everybodys afraid to just be themselves and do or say waht they want and not be afraId they might get judged. and as for dita too bad for her she lost an amazing person. yah he has his faults but any body who can do waht he does while still saying i dont give a fuck, is just mindblowing. theres not even words. hey i wish i could marry marilyn manson. maybe i will one day i hope. so fuck all you haters.

  • its not every day you see someone as talented, let alone gorgeous as manson. Dita was cool but i dont care about her. only that she fucked him up more because of her stupidity. Her loss, His gain. maybe Wood will give him what he needs.
    if all you stupid fucks get your heads out of your asses you might realize how intellegent and amazing Marilyn Manson really is.

  • Marilyn Manson is great, so fuck you all.
    Maybe Dita Von Teese was a bitch.
    Ever think about that?

  • Marilyn M’s music is amazing! and he’s as hotttttt as hell! and i bet the freakin world wouldnt exist without manson! and dita’s a retard.

  • i agree, he is amazing.
    and he’s not afraid to put himself out there,
    and his iq is off the charts..
    he is one of the most intelligent people in hollywood.
    (or should i say holy wood xD woot woot)
    no matter the decisions hes made in his life.
    hell, my iq is 127 and im a complete dipshit sometimes.
    :] me gusta a el.

    i don’t mind dita too much,
    but i suppose she would be a hassle to be around too often..
    im glad for the divorxe..

  • ami me agra pues es muy inteligente el sujeto, utiliza una mercadotecnia por decirlo asi ,muy buena y la maneja bien, que siga adelante .

  • and ‘Dita is weird not Manson’? Yeah, I guess collecting human-skin artefacts from Nazi concentration camps is pretty normal when you think about it…

  • See,now that shit just pisses me the fuck off.yeah,she is pretty-beautiful. don’t judge ppl.he has been through a lot in his don’t know him.he is a good me,i know what he’s been through in his life.i’ve read all of his books,so i is he different from any other guy that wears makeup-kiss,alice cooper,ect.,etc, can’t judge him in a bad way.or -what if someone made fun of your dad for the way he looks,i don’t care if you don’t like him or not,don’t comment.i love his shoot yourself in the stomach if you don’t like him…..i wasn’t born with enough middle fingers

    • I do!!! And if u don’t fuckin like it, U can go get a fucking life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Manson is SO friggin amazing, U just can’t understand that obviously!

  • Well,we can’t really say a thing about them because non of us was lucky to meet them (although one of my biggest desires is to meet Manson),but I worship both of them-because they both do very big things for this damned world….

  • I don’t blame manson for divorcing dita in a way because she thought she could change him into a stay at home husband and that’s definetely not manson, she didn’t except him for being him.

  • omg how bout all u pussys who hate manson fuck off manson is like my god hero what eva u wana call it and who dop u like freakn tellitubbies yea man there so hard core so go shove ur head up ur asses and piss of!!!!!!!!!!!! manson is hotttttt and smart and totally out there which is sexy xxx

  • None of you know either of them personally, so how on earth could you say who was at fault and who wasn’t?

    In any argument and any relationship there are two sides two a story, and the truth is always somewhere in the middle. I personally think Dita Von Teese is a very elegant and talented woman, with manners and etiquette you don’t find these days anymore. She doesn’t cross me as a bitch, she seems like a very loving woman.

    Manson is… well, where do I start? With the original trademark image of a complete lunatic moron, or with the aloof demeanour of his character?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love originality, but I also think people should have an appeciation of visual beauty before they decide to start re-inventing themselves. I mean, why would you want to look like something that most sane people would cringe at? And not because its unusual, but because its unsightly. I think he only chose to look like that because he’s an attention seeker and wanted desperately to be noticed and famous.

    His choice in songs say a lot about him as a person, not to mention his music isn’t that good, or whatever is, has only been a cover for another artist. He’s not talented, nor good looking; with or without the makeup, he’s still as ugly as sin.

    Overall, I don’t believe anyone is purely good or purely evil, I’m sure both have their faults and qualities. But overall, I think Manson was an idiot for ever divorcing Dita. How could you leave a woman like that? Come on!

    As for this young blonde girl he’s now dating, well I don’t know much about her, so I can’t comment. But I don’t understand why she’d want to sleep with Manson if she was so hot. Money maybe, or some sick fetish for clowns…

  • anyone who thinks they know what they’re talking about can fuck off.
    Manson is more intelligent then all you fucks and his style kicks ass. who wants to be another boring (normal) celebrity. manson is the greatest rock star of our time and if any of you think he is crazy maybe you should go to youtube and listen to him talk and then judge him . you can’t judge him for being extreme cause you ain’t shit and he has more money than you bitches too so fuck you asskissin fagets go listen to britney spears and see what u can learn from her gay fucks

  • uh, folks…..people?

    not to interrupt the good times being had here but, this post is like……. a fucking year old.

    i too was destroyed by their parting. i TOO thought it was forever. i, i, …. i even still have the vogue issue with their wedding pics.

    (snif) tears.

    moving on is not as painful as you’d think. give it a try. they both have.

    let’s not tear each other apart over this & remember the good times.


  • Guys. Anyone that disses Manson will be facing the wrath of millions of teenage and adult girls [and women] that basically stare at pictures of him while wanking [i suppose some of them might be able to wank D:] but honestly, you guys shouldn’t really judge him like that. personally, i think hes a hottie and actualy really smart. I read an interview with him and he knows a lot about absinthe and its affect on your brain and stuff. So… yeah. Go Manson!

  • From what was said in interviews, Marilyn Manson pursued Dita first, not the other way around. Then he decided to divorce her. In that respect, its his fault, not hers. If you ask someone to be your girlfriend/wife and then dump them, how is it their fault? What a chauvinistic society we live in!!!

  • You know its kind of amusing to read most of these comments because its either people saying one good thing about one and then a bad thing about another.

    What strikes me is your being extremely ignorant about the fact that these people are just that…..people. Just because they’re celebrities you people expect them to be perfect and “normal”

    Dita is obviously a charming woman with a clear love of what she percieves as art. Burlesque. and i believe her to be in the right about this as it is a beautiful art form. But then theres Manson who is an extremely intelligent witty male who has worked hard to produce his music and evidently people like it. Sure his image is wacky but he obviously enjoys extremism and i can’t help but notice you’re forgetting all the other people both in the celebrity category and just “average” who dress exactly the same.

    Besides none of us are absolutly visually pretty. Tyra Banks without her makeup-eeesh. And im sure your not the prettiest flower in the pot. But If you love someone im sure you shouldn’t not go out with them just because of the way they look. What if an out of this world guy came up to you and said “omg like you totally like resemble a fucking pitbull, you ears are like small and damn your nose is bent and is that cellulite……. like i mean look at your shoes arnt you wierd” and then walked off arm in arm with a thin gorgeous chick whos talented AND!!! polite. I’m not sure you’d be feeling amazing.

    People are different. Otherwise this world would be boring and the type of thing we constantly fight against. People fall out of love for different reasons. Accept it and move on.

  • Yea, Rachel needs a bit more lipstick in that picture above, unless it’s all around his c… Ewwww…..

    • you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, do you? Rachel? Where? Behind Manson and Dita? Can’t see her. Funny.

  • Marilyn Manson is freakin awesome, so whoever starts talking crap how about trying to listen to some of his music. Let’s see who the posers for him are… oh I know a few how about AFI or linkin park.
    Beautiful people is a good song and Sweet Dreams.


  • that dude is fucking ugly as shit, actually my dogs shit looks better then that ugly fuck, Why was she even with him, he didn’t deserve a Burlesque braod like dita

  • Marilyn is an amazing man otherwise he wouldnt have been here today if he wasn’t , But, he is a womanizer, and likes to be around sexy girls alot (can you blame him) But he used her in videos, like MOBscene, She is a fucking stunning girl, Tbh i thought they made an amazing couple, but its for the best

    • marilyn is not a idiot, he has relaesed more sold out albums then any cheap sellout artist u listin to u

      • u r so right I <3 Marilyn I think he is so great!!! & really HOT!!! he is a great singer & I listen 2 his music all the time!!!

    • Okay. Here’s the deal, and this is true for any “artist” that sells many albums and is in the mainstream. They aren’t usually amazing people and they aren’t necessarily talented “artists”. They are, however, monumental marketers and able to proliferate their ideas in ways that most real artists can’t. This doesn’t really make them amazing, but you buyers have bought what they’ve sold you. Congratulations. You’ve help them become the icon they are.



  • mansons old shit was good, im more sad that twiggy isnt in the band any more than that he has broken up with yet another stunningly hot bobshell. money+icon status= god like ability to get layed.
    shit happens