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Katherine Heigl’s Wedding Present? A Shitty Movie Review.


27 Dresses is getting crappy reviews — although Heigl herself is said to be “terrific” — and the film is expected to do poorly when it hits theaters.

A tired pastiche of the 27-odd wedding-themed vehicles that preceded it, the film essentially slaps together all the stuff that worked so well the first or second time around, minus any of the original charm or verve.

That it manages to function at all is mainly Heigl’s doing, but judging from the half-empty theater reserved for the picture’s post-Christmas sneak preview, even her fans might get the sense that they’ve walked down this aisle many times before.

Maybe it’s not time to quit smoking just yet, Katie.

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  • The movie trailer looked awful. (Rotten Tomatoes has it if you want to massacre a few minutes of your life.)

    Whenever a movie trailer tells you that “Screen Play By the Same Guy that Wrote…” you know it is going to suck.

    I think the “blame” needs to fall on Anne Fletcher (the Director). She’s only directed ONE film before, being a career dancer > choreographer > director. That flick (Something called Step Up (2006)) was about dancing…

    And if the film is a montage of segments, or a hodgepodge, as some reviews have suggested, then I could see that. She would see things broken down into segments because that is the way she is used to seeing things organized. Most writers tend to see things from the macro to the micro. Start big and focus in.

    Break the stuff up into pieces and stitch it together and you get a scarecrow that seems all jangly. (Like the Star Wars movies. Aside from the horrid acting and awful dialog.)

    Take a look at Constantine (2005). The film is broken down into simple segments and then scriffled together into a movie. The guy (err Francis Lawrence I think) directed music videos previously. This is how he sees things.

  • The reviews I seen seemed to enjoy the movie despite it being a predictable rom com. They really enjoyed the acting by Heigl, and my friends went to screenings that were sold out. Plus seeing that Variety loved it and Heigl, then I don’t think the movie is getting “shitty” reviews as this blog headline is saying..tsk tsk tsk…

  • To follow-up another poster I saw this on Variety
    “Fox also reported strong success with sneak peeks Thursday night of romantic comedy “27 Dresses,” toplining Katherine Heigl and penned by “The Devil Wears Prada” scribe Aline Brosh McKenna. Sneaking the pic in 539 theaters across the country, studio said most shows were sold out, and the rest at capacity. Film opens Jan. 11″

    With the poster above I really question that reviewer a lot now.

  • Actually one of my friends met her in New York, and just raves how sweet and down to earth she is. I sense a bit of jealousy…..

  • i thought the trailer wasnt the best way to display the movie but when you sit down in the theatres and watch it it was a triumph or so me and my friends thought so. Heigl did an exellant job you could realy feel her emotion in the ingagment scene. i loved it :D

  • The movie does not bring about memories you’d carry out through the years. But Katherine Heigl was perfect for this character. The plot did lose its logic when it jumped to a boat just to announce to strangers (in a marriage reception) that it thought it was in love with someone. But its really fun which is how chick flicks should be. If you don’t enjoy this movie, it must be because you’re a man, or because you’re bitter.