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Ladies, Rejoice! Sean Penn is SINGLE!!

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Who the fuck cares?

Sean Penn and his wife, Robin Wright, are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.

They have two children together: Hopper Jack, 14, and Dylan Frances, 16.

My college boyfriend and I used to joke that we wanted to name our youngest son Horseman, just because it would be the coolest thing ever to have a little kid be all like, “What’s up? My name’s Horseman” and it would obviously be a dating advantage to him when he got older. He’d be all like, “What’s up? My name’s Horseman. That’s right, baby. Horse. Man. Boo-yah.” Horseman would be such a pimp.

Anyway. We thought we’d come up with the craziest baby name ever. But Sean Penn wins this battle, with a son named Hopper.


If this kid doesn’t develop a raging drug problem, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

Also: I’m obsessed with Robin Wright’s dress in this photo. Gorgeous!! (Photo taken Sept 18 of this year, so they were putting on a brave front as of 3 months ago.)

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  • Ohhhhhhhhh, YES! He can finally, finally, finally be all mine!!! I always liked them as a couple…but kinda hated her for having him. ;) Sad they’re splitting for them-but happy for me! I know I have no chance, but a girl can dream!

    Kinda like how Duhamel is saving his virginity for Evil Beet…=)

  • Good for her! How she could stand him for eleven years is beyond me. Sean Penn is the most obnoxious asshole there is. He overacted like a sonofabitch in “I Am Sam”- I truly cannot watch his movies. Another reason I dislike him so- he married Madonna.

    All the best Robin!

  • Sean Penn is a Country Traider now maybe he can go move to Iraq and be with the people he loves. PIG I hate his ass.

    Although Mystic River was good.

  • I’ve always love Robin! She put up with his ego and his cheating (super freaky) for years. I know she really loved this pig, so good luck, girl. You deserve much love.

  • Oh, I do love Sean Penn. The man is an imbecile.

    If you need a decent chuckle check out his New Orleans Rescue Mission:

    “Sean Penn Goes On Rescue Mission, Sinks Boat, Gets Jeered At”

    Or for a bit more stupidity from The Penn, please read his speech at the end of this article (although it is rambling and political… so be warned)

    As for rambling, I like Horseman. That’s a cool name. Its got groove. Which is tough for a baby name. I mean, they’d think he was an equestrian. Then, if they were smart, they might know that this was from the latin eques; from “vir egregius” lit. vigorous (or life-full) man. They were the closest thing to a Knight in imperial Rome. But probably they’d just think he was well built.

    But Hopper? Hopper… how many times would that kid’s ass get beat in school? How long before that gets translated to “Thumper” and bunny city? Prolly about 30 seconds.

    As an aside, do you remember that Sean Penn took BOXING lessons before going to jail? (For bouncing a rock off the side of a Pap’s head in 1998. Served 30 days.)

  • Hopper’s not as weird a name as Jason Lee’s kid has. His name is like Pilot Inspektor or something like that. I’d way rather be named Hopper.

  • he can take all his guns and go murder the press with his buddy and personal god, tryannical dictator hugo chavez. the truth is like every misguided hollywood liberal, he hates america, because america won’t let him be king and rule over the “little people”. why do you think george clooney lives in italy? he’s got a slew of peasants to order around tell them what’s good for them. hypocritical pigs.

    for the rest of us who actually believe in equality, they’re scum.

  • wow.if it weren’t for sean penn pontificating from his moral highground how would we know how to be respectful in relationships (except for his marriage) or the importance of gun control (except for his guns) or why freedom of the press is so important (except for in venezuala apparently)

  • The Penns’ son is named after DENNIS HOPPER. However, “Dennis” would have been a better choice. The girl after BOB DYLAN, etc.

  • > Princess Buttercup was always way too good for this prick.

    Evidently not since she married him and bore him two kids. Ultimately, people are no better than the mates they choose. It says a lot about their values.