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Kristen Bell Is Dating Dax Shepard and Acting Like People Care

Kristen Bell Dating Dax Shepard, Pictures, Photos

From Page Six:

“HEROES” star Kristen Bell doesn’t want any events being promoted on the back of her latest relationship. Bell has been trying to hide from photographers while out in LA with latest fling, comic Dax Shepard. An insider told us, “Kristen is taking Dax as her New Year’s Eve date to the Raleigh Hotel in Miami.” Bell, who recently kicked her director fiancé Kevin Mann to the curb, is insisting that any promotions for the party don’t list the duo as a couple. Our source said, “She told event people they can put either her or Dax on the party announcements – but not both of them.”

OMG, Kristen. I’m sure you’re a very nice girl, but that’s sort of the problem: You’re a very nice girl. You look nice in a bikini. But it’s not like you’re a mainstay around here, and it’s not like Dax Shepard is all that famous, either. In fact, I can’t name a damn thing he’s done other than bang Kate Hudson for five minutes earlier this year. Why would anyone care?

Or maybe she’s just trying not to rub it in for her ex-fiance. In that case, that’s nice of you, dear.

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  • whos is this bitch?????? omg celebs are such a yawn fucking fest this week.

    WHATS UP WITH BRIT BRIT, where is my daily BRIT!!!!!!!!!!??????

  • Truth is most of us don’t care, and I promise not to buy whatever the hell she’s selling. Damn, I just forgot her name again.

  • I wouldn’t say she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, but she’s no dog. Like most Hollywood romances, this has a shelf life of a glass of milk. Next week she’ll be tied to some other guy. Maybe that quarterback in Texas who’s dating Jessica Simpson. He dated Carrie Underwood first. Talk about a down grade, from an American Idol to a mentally retarded incest victim.

  • Ok i don’t know who u are but Kristen Bell is a great actress & there are many people out there who love her & actually do care about what she’s doing… so if u don’t like her u don’t but u shouldn’t say that nobody cares about her because that is completely untrue!!!!

  • I love Dax Shephard lOADS! e iz mega fit ! i just saw wats a name in er new film ‘forgetting sarah marshall’ an she plays a total slut in dat ! tho she is mega pritty lol

  • She was also cheating on Dax with a friend of mine’s brother which I found hilarious. Dax would show up buzzing her bell and my buddy’s brother would be up in her apartment banging her. She moved to NY to start shooting Heros and it ended, but she’s no “nice girl” other than she refuses to perform oral.

  • Man! Kristen Bell rules in my book! She doesn’t adopt everyone else’s babies for publicity, she doesn’t bitch about other more famous chicks to get publicity,she was in Pulse and… she’s HOT AS HELL! I think I smell a bit of misogynism here…

  • kristen bell is awesome and incredibly talented, and while i don’t care much for a celebrity’s dating life, i highly doubt she banged that “friend” of yours. and in my opinion, she is a better actress than kate hudson.