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Breaking: Will Smith Halting Construction on Shrine to Hitler


We ignored the Will-Smith-loves-Hitler story around here, because it was stupid, and blown out of proportion, and Will Smith agrees.

Basically, he was quoted by a reporter as saying: “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, ‘let me do the most evil thing I can do today.’ I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good.'”

I don’t know why Will Smith said this. Memo to celebrities: There are literally billions of people on this earth to talk about. Try to avoid discussing Hitler. Like, always. Seriously, when you feel the word “Hitler” coming out of your mouth, just replace it with “Evil Beet.” The gist of it should still work, and I get free PR.

Anyway, of course this was a big ole scandal, and now Will’s all like, “Um, dude, I’m no Hitler-lover,” in the form of this official statement: “It is an awful and disgusting lie. It speaks to the dangerous power of an ignorant person with a pen. I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond to such ludicrous misinterpretation. Adolf Hitler was a vile, heinous vicious killer responsible for one of the greatest acts of evil committed on this planet.”

So there you have it:

Hitler, bad. Will Smith, good. Genocide, bad. I Am Legend, good.

Everyone all straightened out now? Okay then.

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  • BAAAHAAA do not evoke Hitler unless you are REALLY CLEAR on what you’re saying about him. Dah Will, but they’ll let it slide cuz you are a negro.

  • It sounds like something I’ve heard from other actors, talking about what it’s like to play a ‘villain’. They all had the approach that the villain doesn’t actually think of himself as evil, and that’s the angle to use when playing one.
    And now I have a vision of Smith playing Hitler, and …no. Just, no…. ;-)