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Piece of Me Video: Sneak Preview

The whole thing will debut on 20/20 tonight.

It’s that relevant.

This looks a lot better than the “Gimme More” video, but still not great. I’ll reserve judgment until I see the whole thing, though.

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  • She has the down syndrome gene – you can see it in her eyes. Also her legs are super stumpy – once in a while there’s a photo where you can really tell. it’s quite laughable really that she was ever packaged to be something desirable.

  • Hey so I jsut saw the video, and i dont care what anyone says, I love it, I love the song, I love her. she is great, made some mistakes that have been blown out of proportion cuz she is a celebrity. I love her f*** you attitude toward the media, they need to all just get real jobs and get out of people’s lives. WAY TO GO Miss B. you are amazing!!!

  • Olga nice name u sound like a fuckin german cross dresser and wtf at lovin the red neck piece of shit and as for Carol fuck me u hit ur head again an your gonna achieve the final step towards bein a fuckin ameba