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Tom Cruise and Will Smith

Tom Cruise and Will Smith get a little cozy at the NYC premiere of “I Am Legend.”

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  • Will Smith to Tom Looney: “Ask me again to join your fucked up Star Trek Cult, and I will shoot Katie and sell Suri into white slavery”

  • Honestly why is Tom even there, every site has more pictures of Tom and it’s Will’s achievement we’re suppose to be celebrating. Where the hell is Jada? Tom stop stealing the spot light you media whore. Next time just hangout with Britney!

  • How bout stay at home at least one night with your child! Oh that’s right… you drag your kid out every night too!

  • “Will, you don’t have to be gay to be a $cientologist, but it doesn’t hurt, if you know what I mean.”

  • Will supports Tom and Tom supports Will. Don’t hate what you don’t know about. Tom is a sexy beast. He can jump on my couch or me any time.

    I’m sick of reading about poor Katie. Poor Katie my ass. She is married to the hottest man in the world and the poor dumbass doesn’t have a clue.