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Not Drunk Yet!

Taylor Swift at 2007 Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony

17-year-old country sensation Taylor Swift rocks out at the tree-lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center.

She turns 18 on December 13!!!

Will she finally start getting into trouble then???

She is sooooooooo adorable. But soooooo boring!!!

Give us a reason to write about you, Taylor.

Date Tony Romo!!!

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  • i absolutly luv taylor swift but
    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT? promoting celebrities to turn out like Britanny spears by drinking? saying shes boring? that is crap! i have so much respect for taylor swift and i am so glad she doesn’t drink!

    • Lindsey, i totally agree with you and would love to give you a virtual high-five
      *high five*
      and, yes, this website is trashy, they need to support the good going on out there. no offence….-_-

  • This website is so demonically bloodcurdling horrific! Gosh I was looking 4 pics of Taylor and found this link to this site and read about some idiotic losers trashing the most incredible role model/signer/song writer/ ever/ Well iv’e got some addvice okay:
    get a life
    get a life
    get a life
    SHUT UP!!!

  • Hey, leave her alone! I think it’s great that she behaves and doesn’t get drunk. That’s the kind of person that I want as a role model. Not Brittany Spears or Lindsay Lohan!

  • Taylor Swift is amazing! And as she would say…”IF YOUR LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE DIFFERENT, DON’T CHANGE”. Unlike Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, Taylor has enough talent to get noticed with out losing sight of who she really is. Now that is the kind of celebrity we need. I <3 TAYLOR!

    • i soo totally agree wid you. so the makers of this website, beware: what your doing to others will just fuckin’ happen to u to so get a life and stop trashin’ others!

  • Taylor is the most awesomest person ever, and she shouldn’t change and end up like Britany Spears. So why don’t you take these steps:
    1. Get a life
    2. grow up
    3 stop trashing others
    4. delete this website
    and p.s. when I figure out how to I will report this horrible website to help take steps in protecting great role models like Taylor Swift and get this website deleted, or at least forbidden so no one can see it.

  • taylor swift rox!! she’s SSSOOO much better than Linsey Lohan and Britney Spears!!!! this website shouldn’t: 1. trash Taylor Swift

    2. say fake stuff like she’s so boring because she’s so not boring!!!

    things the person should do that made this website:
    1. trash someone else
    2. get a life
    3. loser!!!

  • wat kind of people are you?! at least taylor’s here to set a good example! you’re just fuckin’ jealous ’cause people look up to HER and not you!

  • ~leave taylor alone!! she already got caught with joe and he was drunk and everyone blamed her!!!! its not her fault! and you need to stop tellin people they’re boring!!! get a life! its probly why lindsey lohan turned out the way she did!!~

    same with Miley!

  • all of you shut your big ugly mouth!
    talor swift is awesome.
    I’m saying you guys are jealous of talor swift.
    in your face!!!

  • Taylor swift is a very good and beautifull person.even thow she dont have a make up she looks beautiful.And she have a nice voice than mariah carey………….. i love u so much

  • She’s great, she rocks, she’s awesome. I totally agree

    I get what you’re saying, though. A site about drunken celebs goes out of business if the celebs aren’t drinking. From a purely self-serving standpoint, it’s better for this site if she was drinking and whatnot.

    Which would make her a horrible role model. Which is bad. Kids need role models, websites need sensationalism. One is good, the other basically evil.

    Taylor, the person, shouldn’t drink. Better for everyone.

    Taylor, the singer and pop culture icon… would be pretty funny if she fell apart like all the others. It’s wrong to say so, but she would. So there’s that.

    It’s probobly best that she doesn’t, though. It makes all the other starlets look so much more rediculous when taylor is making it look so easy.

  • Wow.

    Thanks for writing this article just so I can get a good laugh at the expense of Taylor’s fans who tried to defend her (most of whom, unfortunately, have no knowledge of proper grammar).

    I especially love the ones that give numbered instructions as to what this website should consider writing about.

    It’s a gossip website, people, of course it’s going to make fun of her. It’s not like she’s actually good at what she does anyways… She’s just your typical BORING country singer.