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How Was This Woman Ever a Model?

Heather Mills McCartney Launches Viva!’s Environment Campaign

Heather Mills McFugly promotes her new environmental campaign in London.

I’m all for helping the environment.

But I’m so against ugly.

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  • She must have had a hella head job action. She got paid! I’m gonna eat a steak in her honor. Please STFU.

  • If you can get past the pegleg, she’s alright from the neck down. But yeah, that hatchetface ain’t cuttin it. And I hate her. I don’t trust any vegans, but I straight up cannot stand this slag.

  • She was pretty, back in her soft core porn picture days. Now when I see her, all I see is a gold-digging psycho.

    Paul must’ve had a bad case of “Grass Goggles” when he picked up this sorry piece.