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Drew Carey Defends the Use of Medical Marijuana

Drew Carey goes all Michael Moore on your ass in this mini-documentary defending the use of medical marijuana.

I actually think this is really boring, but if you’re into this sort of thing, maybe it’ll interest you.

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  • I love Drew Carey. Why should anyone have to defend Medical Marijuana? *crickets* I got nothing. Pot should be legal anyhow, but that’s another documentary.

  • while it doesn’t surprise me that entertainers are pushing drugs and sex on our beleaguered youth, I’m shocked at who exactly is doing it. Shame on you, drew carey. I always thought you were a straight shooter, but this has turned me off for good. You’ve got one less fan today.

  • i think marijuana for medical uses is okay… but there’s nothing wrong with hitting the reefer every now and then, doctors? i know you all smoke it and don’t you try to fucking hide it… it’s written all over your faces………………