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Kelly Slater: Rebound King

Kelly Slater Dating Bar Rafaeli After She Broke Up with Leonardo DiCaprio

So, if you haven’t heard by now, Leo DiCaprio and Bar Rafael are dunzo.

So who’s Bar banging now?

None other than pro surfer Kelly Slater. Who, many folks have pointed out, is also who Giselle Bundchen jumped into bed with after she split with the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape star. (Sorry, but everyone else is referring to him as the Titanic star when they write that sentence, and I wanted to be different.)

Isn’t this also the same dude Cameron Diaz ran to when she split with Justin Timberlake?

This guy has the rebound sex routine down pat. He should start teaching seminars.

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  • Damn. Leo and Bar JUST broke up! I’m beginning to think that these two have a system that goes something like this…”Hey Kelly. my man! I just dumped Bar and you know how Supermodels always make a scene ’cause they’re hungry? Anyhoo, here’s her number. Yeah, you owe me BIG, dude. Hey Dog, stop sobbing, ok? Just keep her away from the press.”

  • kelly is insecure and closet homo
    he only uses his fame to fuck vunerable women
    why do you think his hook-ups only lasts a month or two?
    real women know a real man after they sleep with one
    that is why kelly always gets dumped………he’s weak

  • i bet Leo is actually having a good laugh over this…I mean it’s kind of a compliment to his taste in a sick kind of way. Slater’s basically collecting his A-list star left-overs, fresh after the discard, like a homeless guy picking through garbage for the best cheeseburger…yum what a loser lol

  • Someone who is 8 (and soon 9) times world surf champion is neither weak nor a loser unlike you “tati” or “keke”. I guess it’s you that are the losers – it’s usually the case of people who criticise others that they don’t even know….that & a good dose of jealousy.

  • This is funny to hear people talk about Kelly, who probably don’t even know him. He and I grew up in the same town and are friends. You guys are obviously closet kelly fans or you wouldn’t have googled his name to find this site. Grow up. God bless America.