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There’s Going to Be a Star Wars Television Series? Seriously?

George Lucas Working on Live-Action Star Wars Television Series

You’d think at this point George Lucas would want to move on with his life.

Like, buddy, you’ve been doing this Star Wars thing forever. Fidel Castro’s smoking a cigar somewhere like, “When is this guy gonna stop?”

I guess the live-action television series Lucas is working on will not focus on the primary Star Wars characters.

“The Skywalkers aren’t in it, and it’s about minor characters,” he told the LA Times. He’s just begun work on the series, and won’t reveal anything more about it.

But at Evil Beet, we can exclusively reveal very important details about the Star Wars television series:

1) It will suck.
2) It will totally suck.
3) George Lucas hasn’t put out a decent piece of film in nearly 25 years.
4) So this will suck.

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  • Does it matter if you think it will suck. The man basically put out one long ass move in 6 parts, and made over $100mill to himself between the movie toys cloths. I am sure there are enough people out there to make a 30min a week show a success

  • Every thing on TV sucks so he finally found the perfect spot and timing to make another negative comeback!

  • Obviously you haven’t seen Revenge of the Sith. That movie was awesome. Having a gossip site on the other hand is embarassing.