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Britney Spears Crotch Shot Vagina Pussy Beef Curtains Picture, Recent, October 11

I’m not kidding.

Once again.

Britney knows exactly what she’s doing at this point.

As if we don’t write about her enough, Britney decided to give the paparazzi another glimpse of her vagina on Thursday.

Thanks, Brit. Your vagina is so awesome.

In fact, it’s so awesome, it should get to have two young children spend the night with it.

Oh wait.

Uncensored pics are inside.

Update: I’d just like to note that there are currently thousands of people on this site who are here searching for “Britney Spears crotch shot October 11.” I find it endlessly amusing that Googlers now understand that they need to specify precisely which Britney Spears crotch shot they’d like to see.

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  • PUT IT AWAY!!! She is such a trash bag. wear pants if you can’t figure out how to exit a car with out showing everyone your stanky crotch.

  • well…it reminds me of hygiene…I don’t know why but it occurs to me that her kids may have had their faces on the car seats while jumping into the vehicle and that makes me….well…sick.
    she really is beyond limits in so many ways,and maybe beyond help.

  • oh for christ’s sake! another lame-ass edited pic.
    if youre gonna post the pic, post the goddam pic!
    with all the rest of the shit on television and the internet,
    you think britney’s cho-cho is going to be something new?

  • I mean come on you guys ! She is not an idiot … she knows what is going on and what she is doing … exactly why i love her … she knows how to get and stay in the spot light and make plenty of money doing it !

  • Britney’s vagina looks like it stinks of a bag of old fishy kippers. Britney- for god’s sake wash that wiggy!

    I bet if you went down to lick her fanny out the whole room would stink within moments its a stink cave inside that crack. She should buy some knickers and stop showing her dirty brown twat flaps.

  • She never fails to amaze me. Evertime I check the enternet about what ol’ Britney is doing, I find another picture of her cunt to copy and put in my scrapbook. Keep it up Brit, your still the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

  • To thoughs who think it smells. Pussy has beautiuful oder to it, just ask
    hollywood!. Or, ask the EX… (2) kids, It`s what`s attached to that pussy ? ? ? has she gone insain?

  • she is a trailor park greasie whore and her pussy looks grose and her music suck ass i think she should start hanging out with 50 cent and do some coke together fucking coke heads

  • I am so tired of people like you saying, “oh britney spears she doesn’t wear panties because she wants to have sex with everyone” or “she deserves all this shit she gets” or “oh she is the worst fucking mom” well you know what, everyone that hates on her just needs to go die. She is the strongest fucking person on this planet. Do you see the shit she goes through everyday? Do you know the things she has heard from people? If you were in her shoes, you would’ve all died off a long time ago. All you are doing is making everything worst. If there were less people like you, this world would be a better place. All of these people are just jealous, I strongly suggest you turn your life and opinions around because honestly, you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. You probably rely on tabloids and the latest magazines well you know what most of that shit is not TRUE! get that through your head! There are so many people in this world that don’t wear underwear, you guys just need to fuck off. Have you ever heard that song piece of me? You should really sit down and listen to it sometime. She tells you in the song, she is not a bad person it’s just that the tabloids and paparrzzi can’t leave her alone, they are the ones who make her look bad and are ruining her life. It’s ruining my life, too. It really tears me up inside to see this happening to her. Just take a second to look up the lyrics or something. I love her so much, and it kills me to see this happening to her. I am 16 and she is my idol. And nothing will ever change that.

  • yea jamie lynn and destined to follow in her footsteps…enjoy your life in the singlewide., hopefully wic will have a dental plan so when #4 dead beat baby daddy b/f knocks your teeth out because you forgot to get beer they will fix em for ya……………….. im sorry for sounding so insensitive ,but i am so freakin sick of this bitch already..ENOUGH not to mention all of you fools that feel sooooo sorry for her…to those of you old enough to react the proverbial counter will understand this….THIS IS A BED SHE MADE FOR HERSELF…she is no different than any other drug using drunk baby machine white trash out there, only up to now that fact has been able to be hidden because her younger teeny bopper day popularity temporarily kept it dormant

  • i have always thought she was a hottie ever since i first saw her in her first video back in the early ninties all of the stuff that she has been through i do not believe she deserves the treatment she is getting from the public and only wish someone like me could have a half of a chance to make somone like her a happy woman.

    sincerely spc calhoun us army

  • tht just disgusting, u people shud b spendin ur days just staring at vanessa hudgens’ almost perfect tits and pussy, and aasolutely perfecu figure. tht wot i do

  • Jesus…

    I never liked Britney, nor any of her songs.
    But I’m quiet pissed of about all these misogynists and scorny guys posting around here.

  • Your all a bunch of perverts jerking off to Britney Y don’t u go do something productive with ur time that goes 4 all u dykes that keep searching 4 new pictures 2 gauck at so u can get off on beacuse nobody will fuck ur fat ass.

  • i think that if you seen one pussy then you pretty much seen them all!! the only thing that’s different about brittany’s pussy is that’s it’s sittin on a couple million bucks!!!!! i don’t see what the big deal is…. brittany is just a human like all the rest of us!!!! we all fuck up the only difference is that we don’t have all of America rubbing our noses in it!!!!

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with not wearing panties. There are ppl who do so much worse. She doesn’t have to wear panties if she doesn’t want to. Tell the papparazzi that probably want to put their face in it and inhale. lol

  • You are all retarded! I was clearly doing it in the car and forgot to put panties back on. Also, I think I should be able to play with my body in public without having to wory about perves like you trashin me on the web!
    luv and hugs

  • oh my fucking god! All you lame ass guys are saying you would fuck her and lick her and all dat shit and there is a fucken 99.9% you dont even know her! You fucken idiots!

  • I would sodomize her tight ass and piss up her rectum, then I would cut off her nipples and shove them up her twat, then I would carve a fuck hole in her fat boob meat and squirt my jizz inside her tit

  • Ms. Britney Spears is a Godess of a women. To me she seems the sexiest of women walking the earth today — If ever there was a very high ranking bench mark for pure male lust, she is the personification of it. As a women, she could easily compete with the juciest of white beauties the white American race has ever produced. Look at her children, the sweetest and healthiest of white american specimens, ones who were lucky enough to have had been born from her womb. Let us all be grateful for such a phenomena and speak no harsh words against her for in her reverence lies our salvation.

  • I think she means to get those pictures for more fame or something like that..
    but thats just my opinnion

  • Britney I’ll be your sex buddy or partner in a sex scene or mag. anytime and fuck everyone else. Your my girl love ya

  • How sickening. Cant Paris, Lindsay, or Britney figure out that victoria’s secret is not only for skanks who wear wings and push up bras? It’s for normal people too, you know, ones who wear underwear!

  • lady’s who say something like “why would you fuck if you don’t know her”
    there is no feelings she is the type of slut that you fuck hard and cum all over her face and leave and never talk to again , it’s call lust. when you fuck her who cares if she has an orgasm! you can be as rough as you want, i it hurts her. who cares! make her choke as you ram your dick down her throat! thats why! But, I would never like that pussy or anyone famous, you don’t know whats been in there! STD!

  • when we all look at britney pussy. we all think about is sex and how we what to ether slide are big dicks in them or have a woman fuck her so hard that she may never what dick agin. know can any of you say that you love her maybe not me just becase she so much of a star . know if she was in high school she would be just some kid whats to fuck.know we just need the goverment to lit go and lit meth or coke in the mane stream. weed will just live becase we all reddy knows every buddy smokes it. so i just say lit the goverment run are life . when life has a foot hold on you some peple will just look the other way.likeus or have we its takes the world we need more move ments out ther for proibtion has die and what we have lift is goverment jails,str hose and death to a now movement how can you move when there is more whys to live like that pussy did when it live in are minds and like all ways the pepole will try and be for long are mind will be in the past just like we have all ways been cant speck cant hear know will only see time pass us by she still look good wtih the time that has past her by lits all take a gril and fuck this good by just what to say if there is any miss spelled words good this place is not perfect knower did it just happen over night. its there see something and lits move togther.

  • i love her so much i’m 21 years old but i love britny i want her i love you i love you so u love me

  • I hate to say this but.. the pictures do not open up.. instead a picture of angelina jolie keeps popping up.. :(

  • Brittany is no worse than any of us, I don’t wear a bar or underware does that make me a slut or just someone who cares to be free. Let her be who she is, we all might learn from it

  • why does every one think that she didn’t wear underwear for some sexual reason or for publicity ,, what about ,, she got up got dressed and didn’t put any on what a big fucking horror ,, you dumb shits.

  • Why done you just leave the girl alone!!!!??? I bet Brittany Spears is the most nices person!!!!!!!!!




  • i think brit is really a good fuck, im willling to die the next morning if i fuck brit overnite. those who does not like britney are big hypocrites or are jealous freaks. im sure britney is very, very good in bed that every man could desire.

  • I think she is a stupid little brat.And guess what little miss Jamie, yeah I agree with you but still(your little girl is soooo cute). Brittney may not be as bad as Paris Hilton, she still is a trouble maker. You know what, think all you want about me like ” that girl is a idot” or “what is she saying” but I don’t care!

  • thanks sis.youe the best!but everyone eles is stupid and so not kind. Jamie thanks for beinging there for me. Oh by the way, I am having sex but guess what thats my proplem not yours!So just… SHUT UP!

    Hugs and Kisses

  • wow brit! you are one sexy,hot,smoken chic. do you have a boyfriend or should i just add to the the way, if your going to get some undies show to me first.

    your hot new boyfriend,

  • what were you thinking!!! i want you to come to my house Nov.15 at 11:30am.and if you back away you will be sorry.

  • pu-lease.Britney is a sweet young girl.Shes smart,pretty and funny.But can be VERY noddy!But Britney I’m am not taking your side because all of us knew what you did and you better be very careful nexy time cause guess what you better shape up!

    lindsey :)

  • :|Britney is a spoiled,little brat.She probably has 5 boyfriends.And guess what your not even a good singer!Your now saying get to the point all ready,so,listen she was having sex in her house and forgot to put on panties.But whatever she was doing it was wrong and stupid!Oh,by the way what your saying about me like “who does she think she is!” or “she is such a freek!” well guess what I have some news for you.
    The only good person around,

    • Brittney changed pop music. Don’t say shes not a good singer. sure shes a horrible influence. And sure she may lip sync, but she has been a singer for quite a long time. Give her a break. You wouldn’t know what any of this feels like and you probably never will. So let her be.

  • that picture reminds me of the time my do ate the tinsel shit of the christmas tree then shit in my house all over my new rug then rubbed its ass all over the driveway and left freaking marks on it. so now when i have a guest over my house they ALWAYS go what the hell is that all over the driveway!?! oh ya that is what i and many other people think of hoe bag britney

  • Ahh, man, just another red box. Can’t get DVDs from this one, but there is always one open in front of Walmart.

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  • hey girl i still think ur the bomb.slow down a little cause you dont want to lose your little ones.they need you.i still believe the man that ends up with you is one hell of a lucky guy.take care