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Paula Abdul Has a Million Dollar Flatiron

Paula Abdul Has a Diamond Flatiron at the Emmy Gifting Suite


Well, she doesn’t have it, not in the long-term possession sense, but she’s showing it off at an Emmy gifting suite. Yes, those are actual diamonds encasing the flatiron. Because, you know, that’s necessary. Because it’s not like poor, deserving inner-city kids need things like computers and textbooks and winter jackets. No, no. Somewhere, there is a woman who really needs a diamond-encrusted flatiron.

If I were the people running that gifting suite, I would keep a close eye on Paula with that thing. She might trip over it.

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  • is flatiron even a word?

    at least her hair could have been straight. oh, sorry, strait…cant post unless sumthins misspelled hear to,

  • A diamond encrusted flat iron…what?! Oh wait, Paula Abdul is an emotional nutcase…do’h, how could I forget. Moving right along…

  • OMG how could anyone be so mean to paula… i mean everyone wants straight hair and why not add a little glam. plus celcbrities have problems and if a fabulos flat iron makes it better than go for it i mean i guess it is a litte uhhh ridiculos but why not…

  • The rich need something to spend their money on, let them be. They worked for it. Really, its no one’s place to criticize anyone else unless they themselves are perfect. Let people scam others with diamonds on the straightener, you’re not going to buy it, so what make a big deal about it? Its not on the market for us normal people. Think about it. We have things and we buy things that poor inner-city kids don’t find necessary, so its only fair. Just because we don’t find something necessary doesn’t mean one cannot have it. That would make us very large hypocrites in society.

  • hi i am on of your fans big time today i was on youtube looking at xfactor and then i diced to go on amican idol i saw videos of you and the others judges it cam up listin to dance like they is no tommwor you were fab your are so cheeky i think are a good judge along with simon

  • her and simon cawle should really get to gather! a little bit of sweet and a little spice! i mean realy you can tell they like each other the way she pretends to get mad at him the way he gazez at her during a performents! they should just get to gether and do what they need to do (if you know what i mean)

  • my gosh. a simple $40 flatiron probably works just as good as that. what idiot would waste $1,000,000 on a stupid flatiron? plus the people who made that flatiron shouldn’t have. that’s just $1,000,000 worth of WASTED diamonds. it’s not like diamonds grow on trees so why even bother wasting them on something like a flatiron? this is just PATHETIC to me.

  • Heyy,
    I have the same thang
    so kool
    what about otha peeps
    anyone else have it
    k just asking
    some1 wanna have it with me?

  • hi i jope you read this paula i watch amerian idol your great and i your progamme hey paula last night me and my family were talking abouth going on holiday i said lets go to LA we might see paula abdul mum said no but when i get a saturday job i am going to save up intill i am 21 and ask a friend to come along with you dont knowwhat i would give to you paula i hope my dream comes ture

  • a few days ago I was looking on the laptop and I typed in paula abdul in LA and it came up paula abdul in a party in LA so I clicked on that to see if you had a good time but when a finshed reading it I cryed i cant belive you were attcket in 2006 who would do such a think if you read this paula i know that you would not take drugs so dont you worry and one day I hope to see you

  • Haha.
    I love reading these comments…so many misspelled words!
    Gosh, you all need to go back to school.

    On Paula’s account, she’s a celebrity.
    She can have whatever she wants; and if having
    a diamond studded straightener pleases her, then so be it.
    What difference does it make to us?

    Don’t be jealous.
    If you had any talent, you could be in Paula’s place.
    But, none of you have talent, therefore, you resort
    to harping on celebrities.

  • i saw that flat iron on chi magazin n i couldn believe that therez flat irons with diamonds!its amazing wish i had one…


  • Some people are bashing Paula for posing with a flat iron it for a picture. Wow, that’s pretty sad.

  • Ok first of all its a chi diamond flat iron made out of non blood diamonds and they made it to help the cause of blood diamonds. Movie stars just pose with it for fun. It’s not hers. and besides that diamond flat iron was made for a good cause. So shut up.

  • and anyways… thats the ONLY diamond encrusted flat iron…. so whoever said they have one their lying through their butt. because that’s a one of a kind. loser. bragging about something you dont have. next time google it to make sure you got ur facts straight b4 u lie about something like that.

  • hay paula ignore all the ppl that say them thing bout u it isnt ur folt that ur rich n talented ppl r jus jelous of u n they cnt take that u r rich so they say thing to upset u i mean lyk y shud u get punished coz ur rich.

    i lv ur work amz xxx

  • Okay. First of all, Paula does NOT own the flat iron, she was simply showing it off so people would BUY it. Second, her hair isn’t strait because she CURLED her hair, and then went to the party and took pictures with the flat iron, for PUBLICITY. So all you low-life’s who have nothing better to do then talk smack about someone you DON’T EVEN know, can shut up and move on with your “lives”. Thank you VERY much(;