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I Really Wish I Had the Discipline to Do a Write-Up on This Thing About OJ Simpson Robbing a Casino

I mean, it’s a comedy gold mine. There’s nothing that’s not funny about this.

But I can’t make myself care. Maybe later.

You guys can read the AP story here.

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  • O.k so I will not comment on each post, but the writing on this gossip blog is the fucken best. Fo Real! I laugh and laugh and laugh and so on, yeah so.

  • OJ did not hold a gun up to the victim, the gun was actually one of the memorabilia pieces in the room. He picked up the gun and was merely doing a self-parody for one of his Naked Gun roles. OJ also did not break into the room. OJ thought that the room was actually his room and merely forgot to use his key. Due to his brute strength, he was able to easily open the door. Go Bills!