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John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Ella on the Set of Old Dogs in New York City

The Travoltas bring their daughter Ella to the set of the upcoming Old Dogs, which is filming in NYC.

No sign of The Other Son Who They Refuse to Admit is Autistic. If we all just stay very quiet about it, maybe it’ll be like he never existed at all. Shhhh.

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  • Travoltas Are Brill , John Is an Idol Who should be looked up too ,, and not all celebrities have too tell the world anything its up to them if they want to keep things too them selfs =] people should cut them some slack and give them respect =] without John we may not have grease or other fab films =] Him && kely should bee looked up too and not critizsed =]

  • What a disgusting thing you wrote…now that he has died I’m sure you wish you could take it back…but you can’t! Shame on you!

  • You sound like a real heartless person, which I truly hope you are not. Their child has now passed away and I hope you write some sort of apology to their family. Whether their child was or wasn’t autistic, what a cruel thing to say… plus it’s not any of your business or the public’s for that matter. Please, take back those cruel words…

  • Whose business is it anyway? A family should have the total right to divulge as much or as little as they want about their family members.

  • How ,horrible for people to think that he doesnt want to bring his son .. I’m the mother of an autistic child .. plz dont criticize them .. its not that they don’t want to .. it’s that it’s very hard too.. Autistic children have a very hard time handling people ..and noise .. i can’t even take my daughter to a resteraunt or a store even .. so, unless you have an autistic child and understand them .. don’t criticize .. it’s really difficult .. to John and Kelly I think your awesome poarents for not putting him in that situation!!!!

    Love Stormy